‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Gets Backlash For Hospital Snap Of Daughter


Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu has not had it easy lately. Nothing was going her way and it seemed like she was struggling emotionally. Now, the single mom is facing backlash over what some have deemed “attention-seeking” snaps of her ill daughter. Read on to find out what all the fuss is about.

Myrka’s Road To An Unexpected Life

Viewers first met Myrka in Season 4 of the hit reality show about navigating teen pregnancy. She was just fifteen and her mother was less than supportive. When Myrka decided to keep her baby, she was thrown out of her home. Therefore, she went to go live with her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra. Things were going well and her mom even tried to visit her after she gave birth to her baby girl, Attalie. Unfortunately, that did not play out as she had hoped. Sadly, Ethan’s parents split so the teens were forced to find another place to live. After a certain point, they also ended their relationship and faced hard times.


She felt he was not playing an active role in their daughter’s life. It started to blow up on social media with him countering that he did not have a car. Plus, he was always working so it was almost impossible for him to come to see her since she lived at a distance. Ultimately, Myrka and her mother reconciled which was great as Ethan recently got another girl pregnant. They could not understand how he could do that when he could not even take care of Attalie. At the same time, Myrka took to Instagram to share that she was too broke to go to her prom which fans ripped her for. They felt she was begging for money without outwardly saying anything. Then, she shared she was unable to walk at her graduation but gave no reason. What was actually going on?

Attention Seeker Or Lost Teen?

After the graduation debacle, Myrka finally shared that she was mentally not in a good place the day of her graduation. She explained she has a tendency to self-sabotage, as well. This was completely understandable but her followers are not so understanding when it comes to her latest action. She had to bring Attalie to the hospital and, at the same time, she got checked out. Yet, while Attalie was hooked up and visibly not feeling well, Myrka took photos and posted them to her IG story. Immediately, followers took to Reddit to express their frustration over her doing this to her little girl.


  • “The fact she’s holding the kids hand with her left instead of her right (which would have been the natural way with how they’re sitting) just so she could show off the IV is so cringe”
  • “It’s giving…. Posting “I hate my life, everyone don’t talk to me” on a story and secretly wanting people to ask what’s wrong”
  • “I can’t stand taking pictures in the hospital when it’s just for an ER visit. So attention seeking especially when no information is given on the hospital pic about what’s going on & it even more ridiculous when it’s children involved”
  • “Agree 100%. The staged “hand-holding” pick is always so cringe.”

A nurse chimed in to say that if you can take the pics to post on social media then you are not sick enough to be at the hospital. What are your thoughts on the Unexpected alum sharing her daughter’s hospital journey? Let us know.


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  1. she just letting everyone know that she was doing good u shouldn’t disrespect her she probably try her hardest!!!! how would u like someone talking s+++ about u # Toallthehaters

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