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Meri Brown Lets Loose With Wild, Unkempt Hair

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown may not be entirely content in her marriage these days. But fans noticed that she really seems like she’s living her best life anyway.

Now that her child Leon is grown and out of the house, Meri has a lot more time to herself. But instead of sitting around, she’s making new friends and going out on adventures.

Keep reading to learn more about Meri’s latest adventures and how she really let her hair down.

Meri Brown kicks back with some friends on a new adventure

These days, it doesn’t seem like Meri Brown has any shortage of ambition. Fans watched her explore the wilderness with friends. One outing even featured go-karts. Last weekend, it appears that she went on a retreat and had an amazing time.

Meri Brown/Instagram

“Last weekend I took a few days to get together with some of the best humans, living and celebrating this amazing life, reuniting with old friends, making new friends, building relationships, going on adventures, having late night conversations about business, relationships, and life. These are the moments that fill my cup, so that I can come home and pour into others,” the TLC personality captioned her photos. She went on to thank a few people for such an excellent time.

But one photo in particular caught some attention.

The outing looked like a lot of fun — and Meri Brown didn’t have anytime to worry about appearances while in the wilderness. In the second photo, she is posing with a friend and her hair is totally out of control.

Meri Brown/Instagram

But fans noticed that Meri is also beaming from ear to ear — something that hasn’t happened on the show in quite some time. It does really seem like she is happier than ever these days.

Did the TLC star quietly leave Kody Brown?

Rumor has it that Sister Wives Season 17 is already filming. Christine Brown already left the family, but many fans think she’ll still play an important role in the show.

Other fans think that Meri and Janelle possibly quietly left Kody too — they just might be keeping things quiet for the sake of TLC contracts. It’s no secret that Meri and Janelle haven’t been happy in the plural marriage for quite some time. And their social media followers noticed that they’re happily spending a lot of time without Kody.

Fans are really happy that Meri is spending so much more time on her own these days. Many wouldn’t be too sad if she did indeed follow in Christine’s footsteps and left Kody. But only time will tell what happens next.

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