‘LPBW’ Fans Think Chris Marek & Matt Roloff’s Bromance Is Fake

Are Matt Roloff & Chris Marek friends for real? Or is this a show for the camera?

Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff never had an easy marriage, as seen on Little People, Big World. After their divorce, one can see the ex-couple being cordial but not too friendly. However, there is a twist in the tale. While Matt and Amy aren’t best buds after their separation, apparently, the Roloff family patriarch is ‘BFFs’ with Amy’s husband, Chris.

Matt Roloff & Chris Marek’s Brewing Friendship 

With LPBW Season 23 currently airing on TLC, fans can see Chris and Matt’s friendship develop over time. But is it a bit too weird? Fans think so! After Amy married the realtor, they received tickets for a trip to Arizona from ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler as a wedding gift.

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The four stayed at Matt & Caryn’s home, after which they went for a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona. But, fans are skeptical about this brewing friendship between Matt and Chris. In a Reddit forum, a fan cynical about this so-called ‘friendship’ posts a question asking, “What is going on with Matt and Chris?”

The LPBW fan continues to elaborate on the subject, explaining that he loves Chris, but his bromance with Matt isn’t sitting well. Being friendly is understood, but they are acting like full-blown friends now. He questions, is it just for the show? Or is Matt doing this just to get under Amy’s skin? The fan adds that it feels as if Matt and Chris bonded because they simply don’t have other male friends.

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This fan admitted that while they support people getting along, they had no choice but to mute parts of the last episode as it was cringeworthy.

Is Chris Acting Weird Due To Cameras?

An LPBW fan chimed in with a theory stating that this over-the-top friendship is a result of Chris being new to the world of cameras. While Matt, Amy, & Caryn are now used to being on camera, Chris is a newcomer.

He is likely trying to navigate through it all, resulting in this over-hyped relationship attempt with Matt. The realtor might also be necessarily unaware of the right way to filter himself on camera, as the Roloff family has figured out.

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A third fan mentioned in a snarky tone that Chris gets along with everyone, much to Amy’s dismay! Another sympathized with Chris stating that he moved about 45 minutes or 1 hour away from where he was to live with Amy. At his age, it can be hard to keep or make friends. Adding an inconvenience like distance to the relationship and no friend is going to bother with the extra effort.

A fifth user poked fun at the idea of Matt and Chris getting married, adding the phrase “Bros before hoes” to the comment.

Regardless, fans are sure in for a lot of drama as Amy might not be okay with this budding friendship. Do not forget to check out how Amy Roloff reacted when Chris helped Matt get on the Pink Jeep during their Sedona trip.

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