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‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Finally Nails Perfect Cooking Video?

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Since launching Little Kitchen, Amy Roloff has received a fair amount of negative feedback from her followers. In the comment section of every video that she posts people point out things she did wrong or discuss how bad it would taste. However, Amy may have finally nailed the perfect cooking video. Continue reading to see if you agree.

Fans Have Begged Her To Get Classes

Amy published her first cookbook shortly after the first episode of Little People Big World aired. That eventually led to the launch of her own YouTube cooking show, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Despite being wildly popular among her fans, many people have had issues with how she cooks.

Amy Roloff - YouTube/Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen

Credit: YouTube/Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen

Some of the things people have pointed out include lack of seasoning and general cooking etiquette. Although she has published several cookbooks and has been cooking for decades, Amy Roloff still does a few things people don’t agree with in the kitchen.

One of the most-complained-about things in the comment section is that, no matter what she is cooking, Amy never ties back her hair in the kitchen. While she is cooking, she often tastes her ingredients as she goes. This seems to really disgust the viewers, not because she is sampling her ingredients but because she continues to talk while chewing with her mouth open.

Other complaints include her taking too big of a bite and always chewing over her plate. It has gotten so bad that fans even suggested she take etiquette classes to help change her ways. Amy recently shared a new recipe with followers, but they didn’t have the usual feedback.

Amy Roloff Nails Her Banana Bread

In her latest video, Amy shared her recipe for dark chocolate chip banana bread. Surprisingly, it has gone over well with her followers and fans. Unlike the cooking clips she’s posted in the past, there isn’t a single bad comment about the recipe or Amy’s etiquette underneath the video.

It’s possible that she finally took the feedback from her followers and considered how her actions might come across through the video. It could also just be a fluke and she could be back at making people uncomfortable with the way she cooks in the next clip. Only time will tell.

Amy Roloff - YouTube/Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen

Credit: YouTube/Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen

A few followers commented on the fact that her husband appeared in the video with her. Many people agreed that he was a nice addition to the blog. They enjoyed his presence and it could have also impacted the way that Amy acted on camera when it came time to taste the food.

Whether she has changed anything about the way she acts on camera or not, it is clear by the comments on her post that the dark chocolate banana bread was a win. Amy Roloff updates her cooking channel every few days and fans can also see her on Season 23 of LPBW on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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