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Christine Brown Adores Watching Her Children Become Parents

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Sister Wives has been on the air for quite some time. Since the show first debuted back in 2010, fans had a chance to watch the kids grow up onscreen before their very eyes. But 12 years later, many of the kids are married and have families of their own. Most parents feel a strong sense of pride when their children are thriving and successful. Christine Brown recently shared her own personal thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Christine currently only has only one biological grandchild, Avalon Padron. But Avalon’s parents Tony and Mykelti recently announced that they are expecting twins in December 2022. So by this time next year, Christine will have a few more grandchildren to love and dote on.

And on top of that, she absolutely loves watching her kids build their own families.

Christine Brown loves her grandkids — even the ones that aren’t biologically hers

Although Christine Brown is no longer married to Kody, she still claims the children she shares with her former sister wives. TLC shared a sweet update from Christine where she said how much she loved watching the kids grow up and have children of their own — including Maddie Brush.

Now that Christine is no longer with the Browns, some fans thought she may sever ties with the extended family. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. TLC uploaded a video of Christine sharing her thoughts and she said how grateful she was for her grandchildren. She even specifically named Maddie Brush’s children Axel and Evie by name in addition to her own biological grandchildren.

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Right now, Christine has one granddaughter but that’s all going to change by the end of the year. In the online TLC video, she had a chance to describe her excitement to welcome Tony and Mykelti Padron’s twins this year.

“Christine is THRILLED that Mykelti is pregnant again! Double the babies, double the love 💕💕” the network wrote on its Instagram page. Fans couldn’t wait to share their happy wishes with the family.

“It’s so nice how supportive she is! A lot of parents aren’t able to express that! Congrats!” one Sister Wives viewer wrote.

“I’m soooo excited for you!!!! Double the fun. ❤️❤️” added another fan.

Fans can’t wait to meet the Padron twins this year

When Christine and Kody Brown were still married, she spent a lot of time raising all the kids in the family. So many fans aren’t surprised that she loves Axel and Evie Brush as much as she loves her own grandkids.

Sister Wives/TLC

But hardly anyone can deny that adding twins to the mix is going to be a lot of fun. Fans can’t wait to see how Christine adjusts to the new additions to the family.

Don’t forget to follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with Christine Brown and the rest of the family. Now that the Padrons went public with their pregnancy, there will be a lot of news and stories to share.

Stay tuned for the latest!

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