Leah Messer's Boyfriend Jaylan Mobley Using Her For Clout? [MTV | YouTube]

Leah Messer’s Boyfriend Jaylan Mobley Using Her For Clout?

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Is Jaylan Mobley using Leah Messer for clout? Some fans came across a social media page that was created just for him. The fan page is called JayMob_OfficialFanPage and is on Instagram. The profile picture shows Jaylan looking spiffy in a navy blue plaid suit, which he paired with eyeglasses and a black bowtie.

Jaylan also has a big smile on his face. The Instagram bio reads: “The Official Fan Page for the man himself —  Jaylan Mobley.” Fans accused Jaylan of creating the fan page all by himself. Some of them are baffled as to why he would have fans in the first place.

Jaylan Mobley Using Leah Messer? [Instagram]

Did he leave Leah Messer?

Teen Mom fans have been accusing Jaylan of using Leah Messer ever since they came across that mysterious fan page. At the time of this writing, it only has 16 followers and is following only Jaylan Mobley on Instagram. There is no content on the Instagram feed or in the Stories section.

While it’s unclear who created the fan page, some people have a feeling they know. They think Jaylan created the fan account since it follows his personal Instagram account. Leah Messer met Jaylan at an ESPN project in 2021. Ever since they confirmed their relationship on social media, they haven’t slowed down.

Jaylan Mobley's Instagram Fan Page [Screenshot: Instagram]
[Screenshot: Instagram]
Some fans think they’re “moving too fast.” Jaylan and Leah have only known each other for six months. Back in April, Leah informed her followers that she moved into her new West Virginia home with Jaylan and her children. She has also been the center of baby rumors ever since.

Fans previously hoped that Leah Messer left Jaylan behind. She flaunted her body in a black cut-out swimsuit while enjoying her time on the lake. They noticed that she was glowing in the photos and this means she left her boyfriend behind. However, they can’t help but notice that Jaylan seems to be using her for social media clout.

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley's Relationship [Instagram]

Is Jaylan Mobley using the Teen Mom star?

One fan took to Reddit to share the details of the Jaylan Mobley fan page. They accused him of creating the account on social media. Fans think his relationship with the Teen Mom star has him “reaching for fame.”

  • “You know he made that for himself.”
  • “I’m sure he made this himself. He’s his own biggest fan.”
  • “A fan page (likely made by himself) when he’s been on the show for 3 minutes?”
  • “He’s putting himself out there like he’s piggybacking on Leah’s TV fame and trying to make something for himself.”

What are your thoughts on the Jaylan Mobley fan page? Do you think he made that page? Do you think he’s using Leah Messer for clout? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Who knows if he using her its definetley her choice the ones i feel bad for are the kids. Hope all the best for her and her family but she really needs to start growing up and not acting like a child. Good luck in whatever she does in life

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