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Fans Blast Phony ‘LPBW’ Storyline, Urge TLC To Do Better

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LPBW fans aren’t buying the show’s phony storyline this season. In fact, fans have taken to Reddit to urge TLC and production to “do better” with the drummed-up storylines. What portion of the latest episode of Little People, Big World are fans having a hard time buying? Keep reading for the details.

LPBW: Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler give a bizarre wedding gift

On Reddit, fans admit they aren’t buying that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler actually gave Amy and Chris Marek the wedding gift that was portrayed in the show. As Amy said in the most recent episode of the series, Matt and Caryn allegedly gave the couple money for the purpose of traveling to Arizona and visiting them. It was painfully clear Amy Roloff was uncomfortable with the idea of traveling to hang out with her ex-husband and his girlfriend. Amy’s husband Chris, however, seemed to embrace the idea.

On the other side of this bizarre friendship, Matt Roloff shrugged off the hang-out as not a big deal. Caryn Chandler noted that they would spend time together so long as they got along and hanging out felt right. She, however, did clarify if it got awkward or difficult they simply won’t do it anymore.

LPBW - Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler - Instagram
LPBW – Matt Roloff – Caryn Chandler – Instagram

Amy and Chris finally use the gift

During this week’s episode, the couple finally decided to use the gift Matt and Caryn gave them for their wedding. On Reddit and across multiple social media platforms, LPBW fans cringed at the whole interaction between the two couples. Fans note that if they still had young children it would make sense for them to find a way to get along. Matt and Amy, however, have grown children who have children of their own. So, there is no reason for Matt and Amy to force themselves to have a friendly relationship.

Fans were quick to point out how uncomfortable and awkward Amy clearly was about the whole interaction. LPBW fans quickly speculated the wedding gift was TLC’s idea for the purpose of creating a tense and awkward storyline for the series.

LPBW stars Chris and Amy
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On Reddit, fans point out how cheap and affordable it is for Amy and Chris to take a trip to Arizona to see Matt and Caryn. They added it just didn’t make sense for Caryn and Matt to have given them such a bizarre gift. Some fans admit Caryn and Matt didn’t even get invited to the wedding. So, why would they send a gift at all?

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