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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Is Danielle Too ‘Green’ For The Davis Family?

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The new season of Seeking Sister Wife introduced the Davis family. They have a very interesting dynamic yet not all viewers are on board with it. Their new potential sister wife is very young and quite green. Can she make it into the family or is she the wrong fit? April and Jennifer sit down with Danielle to see if she is truly ready for this lifestyle.

Meeting The Davis Family And Their Quirks

All of the couples are interesting in some sense but this family may take the cake. Nick and April have been together for around fifteen years. Yet they knew that he was a lot of man so taking on another wife was never really a question. When April met Jennifer at work, she just clicked with her. That was when she felt comfortable bringing her home to meet Nick to see if she would be interested in a polygamist relationship. At the time, Jennifer was only nineteen but she clicked with both April and Nick. She knew this was something she wanted to be a part of but obviously, both women could not marry Nick. Therefore, they married each other but took Nick’s last name to show their commitment to the family.

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Both women work while Nick is a stay-at-home father. April has a son from a previous relationship and he has raised him since he was a baby. The ladies both make enough money so there is no need for Nick to have to do anything so he stays home and thinks. That is one thing that they love about him. Fans do not care for any of this. He gets to be taken care of while having no financial responsibility or investment. Plus, their son is around fifteen so he does not need a stay-at-home parent anymore. In any case, they had started seeking another wife and found Danielle who they really clicked with but is she one?

The Interrogation

In a TLC clip from the upcoming episode, April and Jennifer are sitting down with Danielle for coffee. April is trying to let her know that a lot goes into a relationship like this. Their concern is her age and that she is really committed to being with them. They act like Jennifer was totally different despite being nineteen when she came into it all. Their reasoning is Jennifer only had to get to know Nick and April whereas now there are three people for Danielle to grow with. Jealousy is always something that can come up but she seems to not have that problem just yet. However, this is her first time in a plural situation.

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When it does come to jealousy, April explains that everyone is equal and there is no hierarchy. Danielle does share that she wants kids and that is vital to April. Though she has thought about having kids with Nick, she also wants her sister wives to have them, as well. As for living together, that will be an adjustment since Danielle does live alone. She turns it on them knowing they will have to get used to her 24/7 presence. Finally, all four of them sharing a bed? That is something even Danielle is curious about.

See if this is a match made in heaven or just a plain old mess on Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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