Micah Plath Shows Brother Isaac A Whole New World

Micah Plath, Isaac Plath Instagram

Welcome to Plathville star Micah Plath is giving his brother, Isaac a look at a whole new world. Micah took his younger brother on quite a big adventure and documented it all for his social media followers to see. Keep reading to check out the photos and see how the brothers soaked up some quality time together.

If you didn’t know, Micah is 21 years old and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Isaac is 16 years old, so he still lives at home with his parents, Kim and Barry, and his sisters, Lydia, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy. As shown on their TLC show, the family lives in Cairo, Georgia.

Though there’s some distance between the brothers now, they still managed to reconnect this past week.

So, what all did Micah Plath show to his younger brother, Isaac?

Micah Plath, Isaac Plath Instagram

Micah Plath takes Isaac on a new adventure.

In a new Instagram post on Friday, July 1, Micah revealed to Welcome to Plathville fans that he and his brother have finally been reunited. So, he went all out and showed his little brother, Isaac, all around Los Angeles.

In his post, the proud big brother wrote, “So happy to have my little brother @plathisaac out here for a week.”

Then, he said, “First thing he said when he got here was ‘it feels like a different country’ lol. It kinda sucks living so far from any of your family but that makes the moments I see them even better!”

In one snap, the brothers pose beside Micah’s new ride.

Micah Plath Instagram

In another, Micah and Isaac snapped a selfie in front of a beautiful beach view. The guys are shirtless and ready for the sun in sunglasses and baseball caps.

Micah Plath Instagram

Isaac also recorded a short video of the two of them as they cruised around.

Micah Plath Instagram

Of course, fans are thrilled to see the brothers bonding again. The distance isn’t easy, but they seem very happy to be reunited.

You can check out the full post here. In the post, Micah Plath also shows off his new wheels.

So, are you glad to see the brothers reunited again? What do you think of Isaac and Micah Plath’s new photos together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays. Episodes premiere on TLC and are also available to stream on discovery+.

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