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Carlin Bates Shares Health Update After EEG Test

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Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates is answering fans’ questions about her health struggles. After a recent EEG test, she wants to fill everyone in on what’s going on. So, how is she doing these days?

In case you missed it, Carlin has been dealing with scary health problems for the past couple of months. She was passing out and having seizure-like episodes. This led to multiple trips to the hospital and many tests. However, the last time fans heard from Carlin, she didn’t have any answers yet.

Along the way, Bringing Up Bates fans have been kept in the loop, thanks to social media. Carlin and her husband, Evan Stewart have been posting on Instagram and have also uploaded several videos to YouTube during this time.

Carlin Bates, YouTube

Carlin Bates fills fans in on her health challenges.

On her Instagram stories on Saturday, July 2, Carlin Bates gave fans a chance to send in questions. Then, she took a moment to answer some of them. Of course, because of her recent health challenges, fans wanted to know how she’s feeling and if she has any answers.

She said, “First, thank y’all for checking on me. Overall I have felt great, which is kind of frustrating. And I almost feel like I’m letting myself down and y’all down because I don’t have answers technically. But other than, like, blurred vision, headaches randomly, I have felt great since a couple days before my EEG test that I had.”

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

She said, “Don’t get me wrong at all. I’m so thankful that I’ve been feeling great lately because it was kind of crazy for the month of May and then some of June. I was having them super frequently.”

At the moment, she can’t drive because she doesn’t know what’s going on with her health. She still gets dizzy but hasn’t had full-on episodes anymore.

She hasn’t heard anything about the EEG or heart monitor yet. Below, you can see a snap of Carlin Bates during her EEG. 

Carlin Bates, YouTube

Hopefully, Carlin continues to feel good and gets some answers about her health soon. She will likely continue to keep fans updated.

So, are you glad to hear that Carlin is feeling better right now? Have you been keeping an eye on her social media for updates? Let us know in the comments section below.

You can watch Carlin Bates’ video about her EEG here.

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