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Todd Chrisley Says A Lot Of Christians Put Too Much Value On ‘Stuff’?

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Todd Chrisley got candid with his podcast listeners on Chrisley Confessions this week about placing too much value on “stuff.” What did the Chrisley Knows Best father have to say about value and possessions? Keep reading for the details.

Todd Chrisley believes people put too much value in “stuff”

According to Todd Chrisley, he believes a lot of Christians have lost their footing and wandered slightly from God’s path by placing too much value on “stuff” and forgetting where they came from. He explained that there is nothing wrong with climbing to the top and wanting better things in life. He, however, admits one of the biggest mistakes people make is climbing to the top and never looking back. Todd explained that oftentimes people forget about their roots and where they came from.

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Where did this reality TV star come from?

In his podcast, Todd Chrisley talks about not forgetting a person’s roots and where they came from. This bodes one big question for fans. Where did Todd come from? What did he do before he was famous? According to Distractify, the Chrisley Knows Best star worked as a real estate investor before riding to fame. At one time, Todd was even headed down a path with the intention of opening a department store he had planned to name Chrisley and Company.

Sadly, his department store plans were short-lived when his real estate firm called Chrisley Asset Management went under during the financial crisis in 2008. Today, the Todd Chrisley that fans know and love is a reality king that lives on top of the world. The question is: How did he get there?

For a few years, Todd Chrisley supported his family by flipping houses. It was around 2014  when he shifted from real estate to reality TV after he was approached by All3Media and Maverick Television. Soon after, Chrisley Knows Best was born. The series was a raging success causing Todd to ride to fame, taking his entire family up with him.

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Teresa Terry opened up about who Todd used to be

Speaking to MailOnline, Todd Chrisley’s ex-wife admits that Todd had been involved in the real estate world shortly after he entered adulthood.

She explained: “He liked real estate, that’s where he made all his money and that’s what he did from the beginning. He’d find houses … He’d fix them up and make them amazing and then it was onto the next house.”

Teresa Terry also told the outlet that Todd was “fascinating” even as a child because he had an eye for quality clothing and was obsessed with television.

Do you agree with Todd Chrisley that people shouldn’t hold so much value in stuff? Moreover, what are your thoughts on how Todd and his family landed in the spotlight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Chrisley Knows Best family.

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