Maddie Brush Reveals Axel Has A Shockingly Impressive Skill

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Maddie Brush is an insanely proud mother. She has two kids who make her happy on a daily basis. Yet it was a recent achievement by Axel that she just had to share.

Maddie Brush Becomes A Doting Mama

Viewers first met Maddie when she was one of twelve Brown children. As one of second wife, Janelle’s teenage children, she had some responsibilities. Her eldest brother, Logan, held the most whereas Maddie was a free-spirited, dark-haired fun teen. Occasionally, she would accompany her dad, Kody to visit his potential fourth wife, Robyn. There, she would help one of her sisters babysit Robyn’s three children while the adults would go out. Maddie initially dreamt of a life as a cosmetologist, but her goals changed as she evolved.

Maddie Brush/YouTube

The family relocated from Utah to Las Vegas as they expanded. Christine gave birth to Truely, Robyn married Kody and had her three kids so there was a lot going on. While finishing high school, she became passionate about a career in law. She graduated as valedictorian with a full ride to university but shortly thereafter, fell in love with a family friend, Caleb Brush. The two began courting and within a year became engaged. They started planning a dream wedding in Montana and by June 2016, were married.

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The following year, the couple revealed they were expecting their first baby. Happily, it would be the first Brown grandchild and the family rallied around her for the birth. Finally, Axel was born in May 2017, and in 2019, Evie K. joined the brood. Unfortunately, she faced some medical issues but it did not slow her down one bit. These two munchkins keep Maddie on her toes and she could not be a prouder mom.


Axel’s Got Some Skills

Maddie Brush loves to show off what her children can do as they are constantly growing and learning who they are. When Evie chose to put on her own prosthetic, Maddie beamed with pride. It showcased her sense of independence and how nothing can hold her back. Now, her big brother is showing off a hidden talent that is actually quite good. According to Maddie’s Instagram, Axel has a penchant for stealing her phone and taking photos. He likes to photograph his toys and there are times when he is actually “pretty good.”

Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

She shared the snap he took of his bulldozer/tractor and it really was impressive. He captured in perfect alignment and for a five-year-old, he definitely knows the right angles. It is great to see Maddie encouraging her children’s creativity. For example, she shared a favorite summer pastime recently. This included the family enjoying sidewalk chalk together and it brought out everyone’s inner child.

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