Lindsie Chrisley Puts 'The Girls' On Display In Vibrant Pink Bathing Suit [YouTube]

Lindsie Chrisley Puts ‘The Girls’ On Display In Vibrant Pink Bathing Suit

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Lindsie Chrisley put “the girls” on display in her latest selfie. The Chrisley Knows Best alum took to her Instagram Stories to show off her vibrant pink bathing suit. Read on to see the photo for yourself and to learn more about her relationship status.

Todd Chrisley’s daughter wants to move on from her ex-husband

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Lindsie Chrisley made it clear that she wants to move on from her ex-husband Will. She recently hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories. One fan wanted to know the status of Lindsie’s relationship with her ex. She said that she would be “totally open” to speaking with him.

But, she’s not going to entertain him with any drama. Lindsie Chrisley suggested that the two don’t get along. She will be here if he’s willing to listen and speak to her like an adult. However, she thinks talking to him won’t lead anywhere.

Lindsie Chrisley Wears Pink Swimsuit [YouTube]
“I would be totally open to this if he felt that we could have a productive conversation that would be beneficial for other co-parents to hear,” Lindsie Chrisley told the fan. “I have no interest in a drama-filled conversation that has no positive end results.”

The former reality star would initiate a conversation via text message with her ex if she had to. But, she decided to keep her distance from him at this time.

Lindsie Chrisley Plays Coy On Dating Rumors [YouTube]

Is Lindsie Chrisley dating someone new?

Fans also want to know if Lindsie Chrisley has a new boyfriend. She is trying to move on from the heartbreak of her marriage. The blonde beauty has only dropped hints about a “Suburban Dad” on Instagram. She last hinted that she was going out on a date with him.

Lindsie Chrisley shared a selfie of herself with the responses to one of her Instagram posts. Fans were desperate to know if she was dating the so-called “Suburban Dad.” She only teased that she will talk about him more when the time is right. She only said that she likes that he’s a parent and is Christian like her.

Nearly pops out of her swimsuit

Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories to post a video selfie. She filmed herself in front of her mirror as she wore a neon pink one-piece swimsuit, which she nearly busted out of. Lindsie paired her beachy look with a hat and chambray shirt, which she wore off her shoulders so she could show off her swimsuit body.

Lindsie Chrisley's Girls In Neon Pink Swimsuit [Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
[Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
The background music was set to Miley Cyrus’ hit song “We Can’t Stop.” Lindsie also encouraged her fans to ask whatever they want. She credited Show Me Your Mumu for her swimsuit that’s called “The Scrunch One Piece” ($128). What are your thoughts on Lindsie’s swimsuit photo? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Lindsie Chrisley.

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