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Christine Brown Flaunts Legs In Shortest Shorts Ever For Ex Sister Wife?

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Sister Wives fans had previously praised former sister wife Christine Brown for holding on to her modesty after leaving Kody. It, however, appears as if she’s slowly throwing that modesty to the wind as she spends more and more time with her adult daughters. In fact, the TLC personality was spotted rocking the shortest shorts fans have ever seen her wearing as she flaunted her killer legs for the camera.

Sister Wives fans recently praised her modesty

On RedditSister Wives fans had recently praised Christine Brown for holding on to her modesty despite leaving her husband Kody. Fans thought it was admirable that she continued to dress modestly. Some fans, however, noted dressing modestly likely had nothing to do with Kody. Fans assumed dressing modestly was just part of Christine’s beliefs and upbringing. If this was the case, leaving Kody wouldn’t really change what she believes.

There, however, has been some chatter that Christine has started to cover up less and come out of her shell since leaving Kody.

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Christine Brown comes out of shell with shortest shorts ever

Former sister wife, Christine Brown has been spending a lot of time at Disney with her children. It was a photo of herself embracing her daughter, Truely, that really caught fans’ attention. In the photo, Kody Brown’s ex-wife was rocking some shockingly short shorts. Fans agreed these were probably the shortest bottoms anyone had ever seen her wear.

A closer look at the photo revealed there was a significant gap between the bottom of Christine’s shorts and her knee cap. The shorts were so short that she likely risked exposing her backside to the world if she bent over too far.

This isn’t the first time fans have noticed Christine starting to come out of her shell though. On Reddit and other social media platforms, fans have called attention to ever risque and slightly revealing photo Christine has posted since she split up with Kody.

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Is Christine Brown being influenced by her daughters?

Sister Wives fans agree Christine Brown has some absolutely breathtaking daughters. Fans also believe they look exactly like their mother. The former sister wife moved away from Kody to be closer to her adult children. Fans can’t help but wonder if her daughters are helping to inspire her to throw that modesty to the wind and embrace her sexier side.

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Is Christine Brown slowly throwing modesty to the wind as she embraces her beautiful body? Do you think the former sister wife is starting to find herself and true happiness after ditching Kody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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