‘Bering Sea Gold’ Star Brad Kelly Sentenced: What Is Crime, Time?

Brad Kelly, Bering Sea Gold-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNysUAiboSM

Bering Sea Gold star Brad Kelly just got sentenced for a horrific crime. What did this Discovery Channel star do to warrant a jail sentence?

We have all the latest details.

Bering Sea Gold Star Brad Kelly Sentenced To Jail

Bering Sea Gold star and Reaper Dredging co-owner, Brad Kelly, is headed to the big house. According to TMZ, the reality star-gold miner stuck a plea deal for a “brutal” domestic violence case.

Back in February, Kelly was arrested for assaulting a woman. This unidentified woman is the mother of one of his children. Moreover, she suffered head injuries that were considered “life-threatening.”

The assault took place in Alaska. Although the city was not identified, it probably happened in Nome, Alaska, where the Kellys mine gold with Reaper Dredging. Furthermore, Brad Kelly has been in police custody since February 11.

Victim Woke Up To Pool Of Own Blood

The details of the Bering Sea Gold star’s assault are horrifying. According to the police report, after Kelly and the victim fought, she went to bed. However, when she awakened, she found herself in a pool of blood. Yes, her own blood!

There were no details or explanation as to why she suffered such a serious head injury.

However, Kelly’s story was that she had fallen and hit her head on a table. It appears that the police did not find evidence that this was the cause. Therefore, they arrested him.

Ultimately, Brad Kelly was arrested and police charged him with second-degree assault and physical violence. This means that Kelly is accused of recklessly trying to cause serious physical injury to the woman.

The celebrity news publication spoke to Kelly’s lawyer, Jon-Marc Petersen. According to the attorney, Brad pled guilty to felony assault and all other charges were dropped by those prosecuting the reality star.

Bering Sea Gold-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNysUAiboSM
Bering Sea Gold-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNysUAiboSM

What Was Bering Sea Gold Star’s Jail Sentence?

Now, the Bering Sea Gold star has received his sentencing and has been sentenced to four years in jail. However, three of those years are suspended. More so, he may not even need to serve a full year as his lawyer indicated that he may be released after eight months. Yet, that means he cannot get into any sort of trouble while behind bars.

Afterward, he will be on probation for five years. Although he has been in police custody since February, no projected release date has been issued.

Brad Kelly Stars With Sons On Bering Sea Gold

Brad Kelly had starred on Discovery’s Bering Sea Gold, along with his two sons, Kris and Andy. They are a very mercurial family on screen, with accusations of stealing money, and big fights for the reality show audience.

Finally, it should be noted that Kris and Andy’s mother, Wendy, no longer lives in Nome, AK. She has moved to Hawaii.

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