Wendy Williams’ Friends Can No Longer Keep Up Facade, She’s Not Ok?

Wendy Williams' Friends Can No Longer Keep Up Facade, She's Not Ok? [YouTube]

Wendy Williams’ friends can non longer keep up the facade. They claim they can “no longer pretend” that she’s recovering from her health issues. In September 2021, Wendy took a step back from her namesake show. She has been MIA since then, which led to the cancellation.

The former talk show claims that she’s doing well. She also promises that she will be back on television soon. However, her fans can no longer play along. They say she’s not allegedly doing as well as she says she is. Read on to learn more about Wendy’s reported health status.

Wendy Williams Cries On Last Day [YouTube]

Friends “can no longer pretend”

According to a new report, Wendy Williams’ friends can “no longer pretend” about how the host is doing. They had to speak out after her “disturbing” interview that took place earlier this week. Alleged sources spoke to The Sun that Wendy isn’t doing well as she claims. She appeared erratic and swollen during her latest interview.

More insiders have come forward. They claim to be friends of Wendy Williams. One alleged source said that “it has become clear to them in the last 24 hours that in doing the interview with TMZ, everyone else can see that she is not well.”

Wendy Williams' Last Episode [YouTube]
“The last 24 hours have been a struggle for her inner circle who have been cautioning her not to say anything publicly,” the insider told The Sun. “People have been trying to publicly pretend Wendy is fine, and on the mend, but the reality is that it’s not the case, and that hasn’t been the case. Mental health is a beast.”

Those alleged friends have been trying to step in. They let Wendy Williams know how she came out in her recent interview. However, they say she’s allegedly in her own little world in her “New York City apartment.” They feel it’ll be “too late” when something happens to her.

Wendy Williams’ new interview

On Tuesday, June 28, Wendy Williams took part in an interview with TMZ. Fans noticed her behavior was different from when she used to host the talk show. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she announced that she’s launching her own podcast. Wendy struggled to form her words whenever she spoke.

“When you’re famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing the Wendy Williams Show.”

She also opened up about her battle with lymphedema, which is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system. Wendy showed her swollen foot and said she can only feel “maybe five percent of my feet.” Fans took to Twitter to share their concerns about the interview.

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