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‘Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies And The Internet’ See New Netflix Trailer

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Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet is the most recent true-crime series from Netflix. The original series is following in the footsteps of other popular titles such as Abducted in Plain Sight, Don’t F**k With Cats, and The Tinder Swindler. Keep reading to learn what the series is about, plus a peek at the Netflix trailer.

Death, Lies, And The Internet

Netflix’s description for the shows says viewers can expect, “Conspiracy. Fraud. Violence. Murder. What starts out virtual can get real all too quickly — and when the web is worldwide, so are the consequences.”

Web of Make Believe shines a light on six true stories from the dark side of the internet. The series focuses on ways that the internet has made it easier for criminals to prey on other people. Each episode focuses on a different story. A few of which have viewers reeling on Twitter.

Web of Make Believe - YouTube/Netflix

Credit: YouTube/Netflix

Episode one of Web of Make Believe focuses on prank swatting and the consequences it can have. An online gamer made a series of prank phone calls to the police to prompt SWAT teams to enter innocent people’s homes. However, one of the prank calls he made turned fatal.

Officer Justin Rapp shot Andrew Thomas Finch moments after he opened the door to a SWAT team. One viewer chimed in saying, “Watching the #WebofMakeBelieve and my heart is so broke for Andrew Finch and his family so disgusting #justinrapp is a murderer and should be put in prison. You fired less than 10 seconds since he opened the door you absolute psychopath.”

The third episode also struck a chord with viewers. It centers around the Charlottesville riots that took place in 2017. Samantha, who is featured in the episode, tells a story of being lured into a relationship with a neonazi on the internet. Eventually, she wound up being part of something she didn’t want to be. Viewers don’t believe she’s changed though. As they watch, people are chiming in with their thoughts.

“If Samantha didn’t want to become a Nazi then why didn’t she walk away from her bf as soon as she found out about the Day of the Rope and the fact that he’s a fascist #WebofMakeBelieve,” one person said on Twitter

When Is ‘Web of Make Believe’ On Netflix?

Luckily for you, Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet started streaming on Netflix on June 15. You can watch all six episodes on the streaming platform now. From SWATing to virtual blackmail and even neonazis, the docuseries shines a light on several timely issues. It is intense, bone-chilling, and relevant.

Here is a look at the Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet official Netflix trailer.

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