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Did Robyn Brown Marry Kody For Love Or Money?

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Sister Wives fans know that Robyn Brown entered the family during the show’s first season. She doesn’t always speak about her courtship to Kody, but when she does, she reveals that she had mixed feelings about joining the family at first.

When Kody and Robyn started courting, she already knew that the Brown family planned to have a TV show and lived in the public eye. She just wasn’t sure that’s also what she wanted. But she came to accept it and join the family anyway.

This caused some fans to start mulling over a few things. Did Robyn Brown actually marry Kody for love or was she just excited about the money that would come from the show?

What was Robyn Brown’s motivation for joining the family?

Before Robyn married into the family, she was a single mother with three children. Needless to say, it was a little hard to get by. Some Redditors think this is the ultimate reason that prompted her to pursue Kody Brown.

One Reddit user even went as far as to label Kody as Robyn’s “sugar daddy.”

“Moving her to a new house before marriage 😳😳 but everybody else is upset over the kiss 😂😂,” they wrote.

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“The anger over the kiss isn’t about some chaste expectation,” another user pointed out. “It’s the fact he is trying to get out the door to visit his other wife who is in labour and he traveled that far away in the first place.”

So it appears that Kody was really in love with Robyn right from the start. But did she love him back?

No one can really know Robyn’s true motives for choosing the Brown family. But 16 seasons later, it definitely doesn’t appear that she’s going anywhere. And a life with Kody probably seems much more attractive than life as a single mother in her eyes.

Is the TLC personality the true villain of Sister Wives?

Recent online discussions really paint Robyn Brown as the true villain in the Sister Wives universe. Kody Brown isn’t popular with many fans, but viewers ultimately believe that Robyn bears a lot of responsibility for the family’s breakdown.

There is a current Reddit thread where the OP posts a very telling screenshot of Robyn. She’s telling the camera that she seldom lets Kody out of her sight. Fans didn’t appreciate the controlling behavior, but one Redditor had something else to say.

Robyn Brown/Reddit

“This moment is fascinating and if anyone else listens to Surviving Sister Wives pod, Corey and Carly mention that this is the ‘real Robyn’ and that she basically broke character,” they said. “I agree completely. It’s a little disturbing haha.”

So what do you think about the whole situation? Add your own thoughts in the comments. Follow TV Shows Ace online and keep up with the latest stories about Sister Wives.

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