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Fans Discover The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Always Wears Gloves?

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Kim Kardashian is constantly changing her fashion. However, lately, she’s taken it in a totally new direction. Most of her looks now include gloves. This statement has left some fans scratching their heads on why exactly she’s always covering her hands. Now, it’s possible some fans may have discovered the answer.

Kim Kardashian’s new Instagram post

Mom of four, Kim Kardashian, has posted a new photo of herself looking great as ever on her Instagram. She is wearing a tight black dress with a cut-out on the side showing off her toned, tanned, leg. Her bleach blonde hair is tied back into a bun as she stares down the camera.

This look is a bit different than the ones she has been going for lately. Since divorcing Kanye West, Kim has been looking to find her own fashion identity. She even goes into details on The Kardashians. 

Now that she has found her own identity, or at least is starting to, most of her outfits include gloves and boots that cover up her entire body. By the looks of it, some Reddit users are pretty tired of the gloves she is always wearing.

“I’m just happy she’s not wearing gloves,” one person writes in response to the photo Kim posted.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Why does she always wear them?

Of course, this led everyone else into a discussion on why exactly Kim is always wearing gloves like this.

“is she wearing gloves because her hands show her real age?” one person asks on the thread.

This idea does seem plausible considering the fact that Kim is actually 41 years old.

However, others joined in with an idea that actually seems like it is probably true.

“I believe she said it was because she had psoriasis and was scared to show it or make it worse,” another user writes.

In general, Kim has been decently open about her experience with psoriasis. She even had a panic about it on an old episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

That’s not all…

The gloves aren’t the only thing fans are noticing about this photo though. Some are pretty disturbed by just how young she is trying to make herself look.

“THIS 40 YEAR OLD WOMAN DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS,” one user starts. “god i’m so tired of her facetuning herself into her late teens.”

Why do you think Kim Kardashian is always wearing gloves? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back for more news on Kim Kardashian and her entire family!

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