Katie Thurston Talks Closure & If She Would Do ‘The Bachelor’ Again

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The Bachelorette Katie Thurston is single again after announcing her split from John Hersey earlier this month. As she continues to heal from her heartbreak, Katie is opening up about getting closure. She also revealed if she would ever consider going on The Bachelor franchise again. Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston talks about closure

The full details about what went down between Katie Thurston and John Hersey are not clear. A fan on Instagram questioned if Katie would discuss what exactly happened. She simply said, “This is a simple yet complicated breakup given that we were best friends before dating.”

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People shared what Katie had to say about where she stands with John now. She said, “We are on good terms so [we’re] just finding a healthy balance of space in order for closure.” Katie continued saying, “At the end of the day, you just want the person you love to be happy and you support whatever path they take to find that.”

Is she dating anyone?

It seems Katie is not dating anyone right now. She noted she has a couples adventure book with nobody to fill it out with her. Katie also has commented that she’s dating herself. She’s taking the summer to heal and she seems to plan on staying away from dating.

Katie also said she wrote a love letter to herself. She said, “Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful.”

Will Katie ever go on The Bachelor again?

Fans also wanted to know if Katie has any plans to try for love again on The Bachelor. It doesn’t look like that is in the cards for her. Katie replied, “I wouldn’t do Bach, Bachelorette or BIP.”

It seems Katie is done finding love on television.

Perhaps one day Katie and John will talk about what happened. Someone did ask her if Tommy, her cat, and Dexter, John’s dog were missing each other. Katie said they will be spending time together while she was in Mexico.

So it appears John was going to be looking out after Tommy while she was gone.

So far Katie’s ex, Blake Moynes, has not commented on her split from John. She and John became romantically involved shortly after her relationship with Blake ended.

What do you think about Katie trying to find closure? Do you think she will give in and look for love on The Bachelor franchise again?



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