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’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Comes Clean To Kobe About Engagement Ring

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90 Day Fiance fans are not too keen on Emily and Kobe ending up together. It is not so much Kobe that is the problem. Rather they feel Emily is both spoiled and entitled. A move that she confessed to had viewers cringing. Now, she will come clean to Kobe about some sketchy behavior. So, how will he react? That is anybody’s guess.

A 90 Day Fiance Romance Gone Sour

Emily and Kobe had a very romantic tryst while both living in China. She was a teacher from Kansas and he was an underwear model from Cameroon. They shared a passionate love affair which resulted in her getting pregnant. Though he proposed, he was not able to come back to the states with her. He was even further delayed due to the pandemic so he could not witness the birth of his son. Finally, he was able to come live with his beloved but it was nothing like the passion they had shared while in China. Admittedly, she was not as small as she had been pre-baby. He noticed this the moment he saw her and even commented, something viewers took offense to. However, he still loved her and was excited to see his son.

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Of course, Emily wanted him all to herself the first night but when he finally did see his baby, there were issues. He struggled with Koban sleeping in their bed every night. Plus, he did not care for him still breastfeeding. Yet, Emily was no picnic as she liked to tell Kobe what to do. They were living with her parents and Emily’s family was concerned as to what Kobe could bring to the table. It was never really brought up to what Emily had to offer. The final straw was when Kober, Emily, and her mom were outside shoveling and he was doing his best but Emily just kept poking at him. Finally, he told her to shut the F up. Still, her controlling side was on the verge of truly coming out.

Emily’s Dirty Little Secret

While wedding dress shopping, Emily confessed that she had bought her own engagement ring. She was not sure she would like what Kobe bought her. Though she claimed she would still wear whatever he ultimately got her, it was a safety measure of sorts. Her friend did tell the cameras that she has to control things so this was just another way of doing that. In a clip for an upcoming episode, courtesy of TLC, Emily finally has to come clean with Kobe. So, he created this special date for them and gave her a really sweet ring. Now, the guilt of it all has set in and she has to tell him the truth.

90 Day Fiance/TLC

As they are gathered with friends and family, she says she must confess something, and then she hands him a box. In it is the ring she bought herself. He is visibly confused but she explains she bought herself a ring in case he did not buy her one plus she liked it. She adds that she got a really good deal and she can return it. He is clearly upset and hurt by this but she has an attitude over his legitimate feelings. Kobe gets up and goes to bed as he is just frustrated with how the night turned out.

Should Emily have kept the ring to herself? Did she ruin a perfectly lovely evening? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.



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