Travis Barker’s Hospitalization Health Update Explained

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An update on Travis Barker after being hospitalized is finally available.

As TvShowsAce reported last night, Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker was hospitalized. The Kardashians fans were not sure how serious it was as there wasn’t any information revealed. Fans, however, assumed the situation was serious when his daughter Alabama took to TikTok to ask for prayers.

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Travis Barker also left a cryptic message on Twitter as he was being hospitalized. But, some fans speculated it could have been a scheduled tweet to help promote Machine Gun Kelly’s new documentary that was recently released on Hulu.

After waiting, worrying, and sending prayers, fans of Travis Barker and The Kardashians finally have an update on what happened to him and if he’s doing alright.

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Travis Barker Hospitalization Update: What happened?

According to TMZ, multiple sources connected to Travis and the Kardashian family confirmed he was hospitalized because of pancreatitis. According to these sources, Travis Barker’s medical staff believes the pancreatitis was the result of a colonoscopy he had recently. The outlet notes the sources did not explain when or why Travis had a colonoscopy. The sources only confirmed the procedure was done recently.


What Is Pancreatitis?

The biggest question The Kardashians fans have following this update on why Travis Barker was hospitalized is simple: What exactly is pancreatitis? According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition is defined as “inflammation of the pancreas.”

For those unfamiliar with this organ, the pancreas is a long and flat gland. It is located just behind the stomach in a person’s upper abdomen. The purpose of this gland is to produce enzymes that aides in the way the body processes glucose (sugar).

With severe cases of pancreatitis, sufferers are encouraged to seek medical attention because the situation can quickly become life-threatening.

Alabama TikTok
Alabama TikTok

Has Alabama Barker Updated On The Situation?

The Kardashians fans have turned to Alabama Barker for an update on the situation after she took to TikTok to seek prayers. Sadly, Alabama appears to have deleted her photo asking for prayers. Fans flood the comments asking for updates on her father. But, she doesn’t appear to have shared any additional information.

Are you relieved an update on why Travis Barker was hospitalized was made available so quickly? The Kardashians fans continue to send thoughts, prayers, and well wishes up for Travis and his wife Kourtney Kardashian. Leave your thoughts in the comments. And, come back for more updates on this developing story.

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