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Kody Brown Berated For Snubbing Leo Coming Out As Trans

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s relationship with wife Meri Brown saw an end in 2014. However, it seems that the reality star’s relationship with his child Mariah, now Leo/Leon is just as strained. The father of 18 was slammed for conveniently failing to acknowledge or address his child’s transition.

Kody Brown Failed To Show Support For Leon

Within hours since the 26-year-old revealed their transition from Mariah to Leo, support from fans online has been massive. The Sister Wives star now goes by the pronouns they/them. On Tuesday, Leon posted on Instagram and came out as “incredibly trans, genderqueer, & unapologetic”.

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Almost instantaneously, their mother Meri liked the post. However, fans didn’t fail to notice the lack of support and acceptance from their dad Kody. As per The Sun, fans took to an online discussion board to address Kody’s unacceptable absence. One fan stated that it is heartwarming that Meri is supportive of her child, but god knows Kody doesn’t share the feeling. He added that Leon deserves to have everyone in the family by their side, especially the dad.

Kody Brown Has Had Issues With Leon’s Transition

Another chimed in, stating that he loved the fact that Meri pounced on the chance to like the post. He also added that the 51-year-old has been through a lot coming to terms with the change. Moreover, Leo has also conquered so much to accept them the way they are.

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While the fans praised Meri for her support, they did condemn Kody for not being a part of this change. One person questioned if he was the only one pondering how tolerant Robyn and Kody are about this new transition.

When Leon, then Mariah, came out before their family, Kody was the one to have more issues as compared to their mother, Meri. Another fan wondered how Kody actually feels about this, given that he has constantly been proving his manhood. Given his background, history, and upbringing, it is expected of him to not be okay with this.

Leon Shares A Heartwarming Post On Instagram

In a revealing and personal Instagram post, Leon posed for the camera smiling as they stood in the doorway wearing a white shirt and shorts. Alongside the picture, they shared that someone told them they don’t necessarily have to have all the things in their life figured out. However, they wish to share themselves with the world.

Mariah/Leon Brown Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The reality star added that they are Trans and now go by the name Leo or Leon with pronouns they/them.

26-year-old Leon Brown is the only biological child of Kody and Meri Brown, who are now divorced. Kody is currently married to Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown but divorced from Christine Brown as well. In March 2019, Leon and Audrey got engaged after dating for two years. In December, Audrey also came out as transgender but didn’t change their name as Leon did.


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