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Kim Kardashian Takes Things Too Far At North’s Birthday?

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This past weekend North West got to have her birthday party. Of course, the whole thing was over-the-top. However, not everyone was impressed. Some think Kim Kardashian took things too far with some details. Keep reading to learn more.

Kim Kardashian throws a party

North West, Kim Kardashian’s oldest daughter, just had a birthday. Naturally, Kim had to throw her a massive party. The theme this year was ‘Camp North.’

The trip started with a ride in Kim Kardashian’s private jet. Not only did she decorate the outside to be ‘Camp North’ themed, but she also themed the inside. However, that’s where things got a bit crazy. It seems that the party was actually scary-themed.

This does seem on brand for North though. In the past, Kim has made it clear that North is into some weird, spooky things.

However, according to The Sun, some don’t care that North likes spooky things. Instead, they think she may have taken things too far.

Kim Kardashian, North West | Youtube
Kim Kardashian, North West | Youtube

Kim takes things too far?

While the bloody camping trip may be what North wanted for her party, some think it wasn’t really appropriate for her age group. Just because North likes it, doesn’t mean her friends do.

“Bloody deers, like what the f**k,” one person says in response to the decorations on the beds. Of course, each bed had its own bloody deer head as decoration.

“I’m confused by this whole vibe. Is it supposed to be like a Camp Crystal Lake murder thing? The plane also seemed to have spooky vibes with the spiderwebs and all.”

“I feel like this is a little dark for a 9 year old.”

Even an adult scary movie lover was not convinced this was a party they wanted to attend.

“As an adult who happens to be into horror movies, this creeped me out. If I saw this as a kid I’d run for the hills.”

However, judging by the looks of Kim’s social media posts, it seems that North and her friends really did have a good time. Kim shared snaps of the girls zip lining, water skiing, and overall just having a great time.

Do you think Kim Kardashian took things too far at North’s birthday party? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite reality TV stars and Kardashian family members.

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