Janelle & Savanah Brown Jet Off On Trip: Where Are They Headed?

Savanah Brown from Instagram

Out of all the Sister Wives family members, Savanah Brown is probably one of the quieter ones. She doesn’t post often on social media and she generally lets her siblings take the spotlight.

Even though she still lives at home with her mom, Janelle Brown also doesn’t often post photos of Savanah. But today is different.

The two are on a fun adventure and taking a trip. So where exactly are they going?

Janelle and Savanah Brown depart for adventure

Savanah Brown may be quiet, but she definitely enjoys spending time with her family members. Janelle documented previous hiking trips and outings with her kids, Savanah included.

Savanah Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

And now, Savanah is making another appearance on Janelle’s Instagram page. The mother of six posted an adorable selfie to her Instagram stories revealing that she and her youngest daughter were off on an adventure.

“Airplane trip! On our way to see the grandbabies,” the Sister Wives star captioned her photo. She and Savanah beamed at the camera.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush is the only of Janelle’s children to have kids of her own right now. She and her family of four live in North Carolina, so that’s probably where Janelle and Savanah are headed.

Janelle didn’t say how long she plans to stay in North Carolina. But fans hope she will upload fun photos of the trip. Janelle’s followers would love to see photos of her grandkids, but admit it would be great to see more of Savanah too.

Did Kody and Janelle Brown quietly split up?

Fans are happy to see that Janelle and Savanah are getting to spend some time with Maddie’s family in North Carolina. However, the trip will likely add more fuel to the fire.

For a while now, Sister Wives fans suspect that Janelle and Kody are no longer together. These days, Janelle frequently goes on trips and explores new places by herself. Kody just doesn’t seem interested in accompanying her.

It’s possible that the couple split up quietly and just haven’t said much publically for the sake of their TLC contracts. The network frequently requires its stars to keep quiet about major life changes because they want viewers to find out about it on the show.

Fans already know that Christine Brown exited the family in late 2021. Is it only a matter of time before Janelle Brown follows in her shoes?

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