Cam Ayala Post-Amputation Update: Wants Love & Children

Cam Ayala - Instagram

It was four days ago that TvShowsAce first reported on Bachelorette alum Cam Ayala recovering from leg amputation surgery. The Bachelor Nation personality took to his Instagram profile at the time to update his fans and followers on his recovery process. Now that a few more days have passed, fans of Bachelor Nation have been itching for a post-amputation surgery update.

Fortunately, US Weekly sat down for an exclusive interview with Cam Ayala and acquired a post-amputation surgery update on how things were going for him.

Cam Ayala - Instagram
Cam Ayala – Instagram

Bachelorette alum Cam Ayala still has the same goals

Speaking to US Weekly, Cam Ayala admits that both his short and long-term goals haven’t changed that much since he appeared on the show. Cam hopes to find love, get married, and start a family. He admits that whether his children share his DNA is neither here nor there. He just feels a deep despite to be a father.

I’d love to get married, be a husband and then eventually be a father. Whether that’s having kids naturally or adopting or surrogates, it’s in my DNA. It’s in my heart that I do wanna be a father. I do wanna be a husband. So I would love [if] that happens sooner rather than later, but I’ve also leaned really heavily into my faith and know that that’s all in God’s time of when that’s supposed to happen and who that’s supposed to happen with.”

Cam Ayala admits that he hasn’t been putting too much pressure on himself to find love and settle down. He added that he was “openly dating.” He, however, was “hyper-focused” on preparing himself both physically and mentally for his upcoming surgery.

Cam Ayala
Cam Ayala – Instagram

The Bachelorette alum almost opened up about his surgery

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Cam Ayala has battled with lymphedema for most of his life. He was diagnosed with it when he was just 11 years old. In total, he’s had 16 different leg surgeries. This included getting a knee replacement last year. Sadly, the knee replacement surgery wasn’t done properly. It was on June 22 that he underwent an eight-hour surgery to have an above-the-knee leg amputation.

Cam Ayala told US Weekly his surgery was supposed to be a straightforward procedure that would take three to four hours to complete. His surgery, however, ended up lasting for eight hours.

They have the orthopedic oncologist who kind of just comes in and makes the cut. And then if you’re lucky, they have a really good plastic or vascular surgeon to come in behind him or her and then basically close up the wound and do any other type of, you know, nerve or venous type of surgery to make sure everything heals as properly as possible.”

He continued to explain: “It was a long time to be under and it was a pretty major surgery, not just because of the lifestyle adjustment, but because of the intricacy and the amount of, like, surgical work that the plastic surgeon had to do after the amputation was completed.”

Cam Ayala - Instagram
Cam Ayala – Instagram

Cam Ayala’s battle with lymphedema is far from over

The leg amputation surgery was successful. There, however, is no cure for lymphedema. So, it is something he will battle with for the rest of his life. Cam did try to paint a picture of what his health struggles have been like during his interview with US Weekly.

He explained: “Think of it like you have bad plumbing, bad pipes in your house, so it gets backed up. The water starts to rise up in the toilet or in the sink, wherever the flooding is. And then in that case, like for my leg, because that fluid doesn’t move properly, it just kind of grows stagnant and accumulates there in my knee joint and gets bigger and bigger and swollen.”

What is next for him?

Cam Ayala’s future post-amputation surgery includes rehab and physical therapy. After his amputation wound has time to heal, he will get fitted for a prosthetic leg. Then, the process of learning to walk begins. He noted that moving forward he will have rehab and therapy to help him find his “new normal.”

Cam Ayala - Instagram
Cam Ayala – Instagram

He concluded his interview: “And I think in that journey and in that process, if it’s supposed to happen, then my person who will come along, won’t see me as a burden but will see me as a blessing and will be able to build our lives together and raise children who will be very sympathetic and empathetic to those with disabilities.”

Cam Ayala believes the right person will walk into his life. He wants to find someone who won’t see his health issues as a burden. Most importantly, he looks forward to raising children that embrace people with disabilities such as his own.

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