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‘Big Brother’ Season 24: What Is Known So Far?

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Nick Davis

It has been a year since Season 23 of American Big Brother, and that means Season 24 is around the corner. This will be the first “post-COVID” season. Since the summer of 2021, most COVID regulations around the country have gone away. So what does that change about this upcoming season? Plus, what other changes do the production team plan on bringing to the game? On top of those questions, fans are also curious about the cast and the premiere date.

So let’s run down all of the details currently known about Big Brother Season 24 thus far.

Big Brother Season 24

julie chen moonves celebrity big brother
Julie Chen-Moonves at the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ premiere

From all of the promotional art we’ve gotten, it’s clear that this season of Big Brother will focus on the summer theme. Not groundbreaking, but refreshing considering many people have been stuck inside for the last couple of summers. Longtime host Julie Chen-Moonves even put up a picture on her Twitter showing her summer spirit and giving some clues for what’s to come.

“It’s giving First Day of Summer and 2 weeks until BB24. But can you spot any clues?” Chen-Moonves put as the caption to her post.

We’re not certain of the cast just yet. There haven’t been any credible leaks so it’s clear that CBS is keeping the contestants under tight wraps. We usually get the cast announcement about a week before the premiere. Meaning we should be getting some names and faces any day now. Big Brother Season 23 went down back in the summer of 2021. But fans have had more of the show to hold them over this year with Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 back in January.

Big Changes Are Coming

Season 24 is set to be the shortest season of Big Brother that fans have seen in a long time. It’s set to run only 82 days, starting on July 6 and wrapping up on September 25. That puts this season’s runtime at only 82 days. That’s the shortest of the last 10 seasons. Early Big Brother seasons were fairly short. However, the seasons kept pushing how many days they could go on for. The culmination of this was 99-day seasons for 18-21.

It may seem like pushing down to 82-day seasons is a downgrade. However, many fans are happy with the decision to have shorter seasons. The long seasons can feel bloated and like there’s not enough going on to keep viewers consistently engaged. Celebrity Big Brother, by comparison, runs much shorter and that fast pace makes it that much more entertaining. There’s obviously a major psychological element to isolating the players for so many days. But the tedium involved with that transfers a bit to those watching the live feeds, as well.

Big Brother Season 24 premieres on July 6, just over a week away.

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