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Pregnant Mykelti Padron Drops Big News About Twins

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Pregnant Mykelti Padron dropped some exciting news about the twins on her Instagram Stories recently. What big news did she have to share with fans? Keep reading for the details.

Mykelti Padron says hiding twins was difficult

Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter admits that hiding the fact that she was pregnant wasn’t easy. Being pregnant with twins, she notes that she was only about 10 to 12 weeks pregnant when she started to show. As TvShowsAce reported, fans believed she was sporting a baby bump any time she posted a full body picture or video on social media. Mykelti Padron admits things are much easier now that she isn’t in a position where she’s trying to hide a baby bump from the world.

Mykelti Padron - Instagram
Mykelti Padron – Instagram

Shares big news about the twins

In a video she uploaded to her Instagram Stories, Mykelti Padron shared some big news. Sadly, they did not yet know the gender of either of the twins just yet. She, however, has told fans in response to questions on her Instagram profile that it was only a matter of time before she learned the gender of the twins. There, however, was another piece of information about the twins that she and Tony did know. What was it?

Turns out, Mykelti and Tony learned pretty early on that they were having fraternal twins. According to the Raising Children Network, twins can either be fraternal or identical. Fraternal twins means that there are two separate eggs that were fertilized by two different sperm. There is little difference between fraternal twins and siblings. The only key difference is fraternal twins are born at the same time. Fraternal twins look different and can be the same or different genders. Statistically, there is a pretty even split on the chances of the twins being the same or different genders.

As far as Sister Wives fans are aware, this is the first set of twins on Kody Brown’s family tree. Many Sister Wives fans are hopeful Mykelti and her mother Christine will consider doing a spin-off series with TLC so fans can see those beautiful babies.

Did you know you could tell whether twins were identical or fraternal before they were born? Do you think the twins will be boys, girls, or one of each? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.


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