Josh Duggar Officially Transferred To Disease-Ridden Federal Prison, Where?

Former TLC star Josh Duggar has been transferred to federal prison and is now serving his 12-year sentence. But the particular prison is full of disease and violence. Keep reading to get all of the details about where Josh will spend the next 12 years behind bars.

Here’s a quick reminder of Josh’s latest scandal. The former 19 Kids & Counting star was arrested by the feds back in April 2021. He then went to trial in November and was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography in December.

Josh Duggar mugshot
Josh Duggar Mugshot/Public Records

Then, in May, he was sentenced to 151 months (12.5 years) in prison. Upon his release, he must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the safety of minors, internet usage, and much more.

At the time of his sentencing, two different facilities in Texas were mentioned. The two Texas federal prisons are Seagoville and Texarkana. Judge Timothy L. Brooks recommended Seagoville as a good fit for Josh, thanks to its “high-end treatment program” for s*x crimes.

Josh Duggar moves to federal prison.

According to the Bureau of Prisonsas of Tuesday, June 28, Josh is now at the Federal Correctional Institute Seagoville. Below, you can see the results of the Bureau of Prisonssearch, which reveals where he is located, as well as his register number.

Josh Duggar, Bureau of Prisons
Bureau of Prisons

Seagoville, Texas is a suburb of Dallas and is located in Dallas County. According to Wikipediathis is a low-security facility.

This facility is disease-ridden & violent.

In 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, FCI Seagoville made headlines after 1,300 of its 1,750 prisoners tested positive for the virus. This is 75% of the prison’s population. And according to CNNthis was the largest COVID prison outbreak in the US.

Also, one prisoner’s family member refers to the prison as a “petri dish.”

There have also been several violent assaults at FCI Seagoville, which is where Josh Duggar is serving his sentence. The Department of Justice revealed that one inmate, John Hall, assaulted a fellow prisoner.

The DOJ noted, “Hall repeatedly punched, kicked and stomped on the victim’s face with his shod feet, a dangerous weapon, while yelling a homophobic slur. The victim lost consciousness during the assault and suffered multiple lacerations to his face. The victim also sustained a fractured eye socket, lost a tooth, and fractured other teeth.”

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