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Chase Chrisley Freaked As Nanny Faye Says Picture Breaking Bones?

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Chrisley Knows Best shared a video on the show’s official Instagram account featuring Nanny Faye helping Chase relax with a little meditation. The meditation session, however, quickly took a turn and left Chase Chrisley questioning how it was supposed to help him. What did Nanny Faye do that caused the session to take a turn? Keep reading for the details.

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Nanny Faye adds to Chase’s anxiety with questionable meditation

In a preview clip of a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Chase Chrisley appears to have reached out to Nanny Faye for a little help with stress and anxiety. The clip features Chase on the floor on his back. There is a diffuser next to him that fans assume has some sort of relaxing essential oil in it. Chase has his eyes closed and his knees bent as he listens to the voice of his grandmother.

The meditation session starts out pretty relaxing. Nanny Faye encouraged Chase to take a few deep breaths. Chase complies telling his grandmother “ok” as he takes a few breaths.

Nanny Faye tells Chase to picture himself up on a high cliff. She encourages him to continue to take deep breaths. She asks Chase Chrisley if he feels relaxed. This is the moment when things change.

Chase Chrisley Describes Nanny Faye As The Cusser & Drinker [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]

Todd’s mother paints the picture

Nanny Faye shifted gears and told Chase he was now falling off of this high cliff. She painted the picture of him bouncing off of the rocks and breaking all of his bones as he falls. Scary sound effect music played as Chase’s eyes popped open while listening to his grandmother. He raised his hands and placed his fingers on his temple and cheekbones as his anxiety grew. Nanny concluded the session by noting that when Chase hit the bottom he was dead.

Chase sat up and questioned how that visualization was supposed to help. Sadly, the fun video ended after that.

Chrisley Knows Best fans had a field day with it

In the comments, Chrisley Knows Best fans admit they love seeing Chase and Nanny Faye interact. Some fans pointed out that Chase sounded just like his father when he yelled at the end of the clip.

Do you agree with fans that Chase and his grandmother should have a Chrisley Knows Best spin-off? Would you be interested in a meditation session with Nanny Faye? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the Chrisley family.

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