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’90 Day Diaries’: Zied Hakimi Ponders Making A Big Change?

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TLC’s 90 Day Diaries has been sharing small clips updating on some of the popular cast members from its 90 Day Fiancé series. Among these clips is one where Zied Hakimi hints at a major decision in a video chat with his wife, Rebecca Parrott.

Rebecca Isn’t Happy With Zied Hakimi’s Trip To Tunisia

After a long tussle with the decision to go on a vacation to Tunisia, Zied finally made it. However, the latest episode baited that this trip might be something more than that. The episode hints at the couple thinking of taking a major step in their life & even moving to Tunisia in the future.

Rebecca Parrott YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

When 90 Day Diaries introduced the couple’s storyline, they seemed to be in Tunisia together as per their socials. However, it was later revealed that Zied took off on his own while Rebecca contemplated their relationship back in America. She was also worried about the soon-to-end apartment lease.

Rebecca Fears Zied Won’t Come Back To America

In the very same episode, Rebecca, in a conversation with her friend, mentioned that she had concerns regarding her husband being in Tunisia. She shared that Zied called her from Tunisia and asked if she could pay him a visit. The reality star also talked about how she feared that Zied was enjoying his stay in Tunisia and might not ever want to come back to America.

Rebecca Parrott YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

While the concern ran into her mind, Rebecca did ask Zied if this was what he wished for. To which Zied confirmed her concerns. He said that he does want her to visit his country & if possible, even stay with him for a few months. Whether this request was only for a few months or Zied wishes his wife to stay with him in Tunisia forever is yet to be confirmed.

Are Zied Hakimi And Rebecca Currently In Tunisia?

As per Cinema Blend, Zied and Rebecca have some photos together in Tunisia posted on their socials. Their latest post makes it difficult to confirm if the couple is currently in Tunisia or America.

However, a recent video did hint at Rebecca’s location. The reality star mentioned that she was going to the beach with some of Zied’s friends. If we track Zied’s stay in America, he doesn’t have friends in the United States. So, it is a possibility that the couple is still in Tunisia.

If speculations are true, it could mean that the next 90 Day Fiancé season would show some big revelations. Moreover, the couple will see some major changes in their life. The couple already tried living in America together, so a big move to Tunisia could show how Rebecca adjusts to her new life. This could be a big storyline for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

The couple’s story is a tad similar to what’s happening with Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg. This would surely make for some amazing drama for the 90-Day fans.

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