Travis Scott Purchase Rubs Astroworld Tragedy Victim The Wrong Way?

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Call it a lack of security or an unregulated crowd, the Astroworld tragedy happened. The tragedy took 10 innocent lives and left dozens injured. It has been eight months since the incident that happened during Travis Scott’s performance in Houston, Texas. However, things didn’t end there. The rapper and the management dealt with hundreds of lawsuits filed against them.

Travis Scott’s Luxurious Car Purchase Deemed Excessive

This includes one filed by the family of a 9-year-old who died from the injuries sustained during the crowd rampage. Ezra Blount’s family has continued with the lawsuit. And the attorney handling the case recently expressed discontent at a luxurious purchase recently made by the songwriter.

Travis Scott YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As per Cinema Blend reports, Travis recently purchased a posh car valued at a whopping $5.5 Million. Attorney Bob Hillard, the Blount family representative, recently connected with TMZ. He mentioned Travis’ Bugatti Veyron Chiron Super Sport car. He said that the purchase was excessive & not the rapper’s best look while dealing with several lawsuits.

Bob also mentioned if the American rapper had spent half of the car’s worth on enhanced security measures, the tragedy could have had a less deadly outcome.

Bob Hillard’s Statement Dubbed Intentionally Manipulative

Travis Scott’s representative stated that the words by the Blount family attorney were an attempt to exploit the tragedy’s victims. He also clarified the aforementioned car’s purchase date. The rapper owned it way before the Astroworld tragedy took place.

Travis Scott YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the representative’s words, this was an attempt to gaslight the media & the public, which is a new low on the attorney’s part. He mentioned that the car was purchased in 2020. So, misrepresenting a 2-year-old purchase is a desperate attempt to create a publicity stunt. The representative further stated that it was an attempt to falsely blame the rapper. It was also a move to intentionally manipulate public opinion.

Astroworld Security Issues Started Before Scott’s Performance

As per reports, the Astroworld Festival’s security issues started way before the 31-year-old started his performance. There were multiple security checkpoint breaches & several fans without tickets made it to the event. As the performance started at 9 PM, a horde of people pushed ahead. This caused several attending the event to sustain injuries in the foot storm.

The security team did halt the performance a couple of times due to the injuries sustained by the crowd. However, they ultimately decided to continue with the rapper’s performance. The decision was unacceptable to several spectators as to why the management didn’t stop it at the right time.

After the tragedy, Travis Scott released an official statement. He shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that he was devastated by the tragedy. Moreover, the rapper also mentioned that he would work with the officials to aid the investigation. Following the Astroworld tragedy, several musicians released statements & asked for enhanced safety measures.

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