Closer Look At Fakest, Most Staged ‘Sister Wives’ Moments

Sister Wives from TLC

All reality TV shows are fabricated to a certain extent. But just how real is TLC’s Sister Wives?

Fans have really come to love watching the Brown family over the years. But they can’t help but wonder how much of the show is fact and how much is fictionalized.

Keep reading to see what some fans online had to say.

Sister Wives fans debated staged scenes online

Most Sister Wives viewers can probably name a few scenes that seemed entirely staged. But what does the internet think?

“In your opinion: what was the [fakest] part of the show?” one Reddit user asked. “It’s reality TV. We all know lots of stuff is staged. What do you think was particularly contrived? Please share!”

Right off the bat, one Redditor joked that Kody managing to get four women to marry him was the fakest part of the series. But others had more specific moments in mind.

Sister Wives/TLC

“The ‘investor presentation’ for MSWC,” one Reddit wrote, citing the time the family wanted money for their failed business, My Sisterwife’s Closet.

However, other fans thought that the family’s emergency move to Las Vegas was staged. The Brown family was engaged in legal battles with the state of Utah at the time. But many Sister Wives viewers believed that the urgency of the move was a little off.“Oh yes the leaving and the siren nonsense. That was ridiculous and so so fake,” another Redditor said.

Which moments of Sister Wives do you believe were staged? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

And what the other women the Brown family considered?

The Sister Wives Reddit page is always a hotbed of debate and discussion. Another recent thread tackled the women that never made the cut for Kody Brown and his family.

“Over the years they have all talked about a number of women who ‘didn’t make the cut’ to join their family,” one Reddit user wrote. “I’m just shocked none of them have ever come forward or spoken publicly??? There has to be some juice there, right?”

Several Redditors believed that many women just didn’t want to be outed. But with the Brown family’s dysfunctional dynamic, it’s not very surprising that they haven’t accepted many women into the family.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

Now that Christine Brown is out of the picture, several fans wonder if Kody Brown will seek another sister wife. That would definitely set up more engaging storylines, whether they are real or staged.

What do you think fans can expect from Sister Wives Season 17? Share your ideas in the comments and stay tuned for more. There’s always something new and exciting to share about the Brown family.

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