Other Women Kody Brown Considered Marrying: Where Are They Now?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been married four times. But today, only three of his wives are still with him.

Over the course of the show, the Browns stated several times that there were other women they considered bringing into the family. However, these courtships didn’t work out for one reason or another. Ultimately, Kody Brown chose Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn for wives.

But what about the other women under consideration? What happened to them and where are they now?

Keep reading to see what some Sister Wives fans uncovered.

Kody Brown courted other women — but what happened to them?

When Sister Wives first started, the Brown family said they would welcome new wives if they thought they would be a good fit for the family. When a new wife comes into the family, she needs to be compatible with Kody Brown. But she also needs to get along well with the other wives.

And for that reason, the Browns decided against certain women from time to time. But fans online really want to know more about these women.

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“Over the years they have all talked about a number of women who ‘didn’t make the cut’ to join their family,” one Reddit user wrote. “I’m just shocked none of them have ever come forward or spoken publicly??? There has to be some juice there, right?”

“I mean, if Kody Brown decided you weren’t good enough for him, would you let people find out?” another user replied. Many agreed that some women may be too embarrassed to admit they weren’t good enough for Kody Brown’s family.

“I always thought that one that kept calling and Christine told her to stop, would come out and say something,” someone else added. “But she’s probably married with kids and doesn’t want her husband to know that she was even interested in another before him. Keep sweet.”

Others added that the other potential wives probably couldn’t put up with Kody’s big personality. After all, it is a lot for people to handle.

There are enough “Mrs. Browns” for now

According to Kody Brown and the wives, they chose not to welcome other women into the family. But is it possible that the other women backed out instead?

In other Reddit threads, fans noticed how controlling Kody can be from time to time. And he only ever refers to his wives as “Mrs. Brown” when he wants to assert control over them or show that he feels angry with them.

“I always hated the way Kody calls his [wives] ‘Mrs. Brown’ sometimes,” one Redditor wrote. “You can tell he’s pissed at them when he calls them that. I’m doing a rewatch and while Robyn is actively PUSHING Ariella out Kody calls her ‘Mrs. Brown’ because she’s not obeying him. Then it hit me, maybe he calls them Mrs. Brown to remind them of his ownership of them?”

Most other Reddit users readily agreed.

So what do you think happened to the other women Kody Brown courted? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more stories like this one.


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