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‘Life After Lockup’ New Season Cast List, When Will It Premiere?

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Life After Lockup is finally coming back. Usually, the new season follows in the weeks right after Love After Lockup ends. However, it has been on hiatus while Mama June airs. Now, an official cast list has been revealed along with the premiere date. Who is ready for a summer of insanity?

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Five couples have been on the spinoff in the past, according to Starcasm, starting with Ray and Britney. They faced a lot of drama their last go-round as she was desperate to get married and have kids. Unfortunately, he only gave her a promise ring and that devasted her. He still had over 130K to pay in restitution so he was trying his best. This time, he is ready to propose but has a lot to prove. It appears they have gotten married and broken up but are back together. Marcelino and Brittany end last season by bringing in her friend to their bedroom. Now, she is working as a realtor with Marcelino playing Mr. Mom. Fidelity comes into question for a lot of drama for the heated couple.

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Puppy and Amber will always have a love for one another but can Puppy stay on the straight and narrow? Furthermore, she is still planning a wedding to Eric but he is shockingly still married. Plus, Amber has a new man and wants to have a baby but her fears may hold her back. Shawn and Sara ended last season pregnant and engaged. Now it is time to tie the knot but his ex Destinie is back and looking to get paid. Will she ruin all he has worked for? Finally, Daonte returns, this time with another former inmate, Lindsey. Just call that the hot mess express.


Chazz and Branwin got married right when she was released but she could not leave Oregon for a few months. Therefore, she stayed with a friend’s baby daddy while Chazz returned home. This situation had “bad idea” written on it from the start and this was his fifth marriage. As of now, he is attempting to file for annulment. Hopefully, the downfall will be played out so fans will get to see both sides. Tiffany ended up taming player Kevin and it seemed he calmed her bad girl ways. Due to their fiery desires, they have decided to bring a third party into their relationship. However, it appears his ex, Kayla may make an appearance and not in a positive way.

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The final newcomers are Chance and Tayler. They ended the season engaged but the biggest hurdle seemed to be her twin sister Bobbie who had a rough past. Tayler would do anything to protect her but with the engagement, it seems Chance wants her away as much as possible. Ultimately, Chance gets Bobbie to the garage in a bedroom he has created but this makes Bobbie feel discarded. How will this affect the dynamic and future as a whole?

What do you think of this cast list? Let us know and watch the new season of Life After Lockup airing on July 29th on WeTV.


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