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Kim Kardashian BUSTED For Deceiving Fans, How?

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Kim Kardashian was BUSTED for deceiving her fans recently. What did she do (or not do) that fans busted her for? Keep reading for the details.

Kim Kardashian busted for deceiving fans

The beauty mogul recently hosted a launch party for her SKKN product line. It was a photo a friend who attended the party posted that featured Kim in the background that caught fans’ attention. Kim Kardashian had a pair of chopsticks in her hand. The chopsticks were pushed in her mouth as if she were taking a bite. She had her lips pursed and wrapped around the sticks.

“Kimberly had another baby…” Her friend penned in a caption on top of the picture referring to Kim’s new product line.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Eagle-eyed Kardashian fans zoomed in on the picture and the trolling of Kim began. What exactly was Kim eating with those chopsticks? Fans noted there was absolutely nothing on the plate in front of her and accused her of pretending to eat for the camera.

Now, in Kim Kardashian’s defense, there could have been something on her plate. It is possible she just finished eating it already. On Reddit, however, The Kardashians fans aren’t buying it. They think the plate is far too clean for there to have ever been any food on it. Fans believed there would be some kind of streaks, crumbs, or residue left behind to indicate there was once food on the plate.

Was she really pretending to eat food at her own dinner party?

Kim Kardashian
[Source: YouTube]

Fans quickly trolled her for her air diet

The original OP that posted the photo on Reddit noted, “Kim, your plate is empty and clean.”

Someone trolled in response: “It’s the air diet. Soooo healthy! Literally no fat or carbs! The cleanest of eating!!!”

“And she’s blatantly showing young girls the way to get that thin is to not have food on your plate. Disgusting.” A third fan chimed in.

Kim Kardashian Screenshot - Reddit
Kim Kardashian Screenshot – Reddit

Other fans took issue with Kim Kardashian claiming to be vegan while hosting a dinner party that served high-priced sushi. Fans noted that if she was a real vegan she wouldn’t be serving or eating sushi.

In her defense, one fan argued it was possible she just hadn’t been served her food yet. Though, that didn’t explain the chopsticks in her mouth.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian pretending to eat for the camera? Let us know in the comments down below.

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