‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans Call Roberto A Little ‘B*tch’ For Recent Move?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy has welcomed Nancy and her son Roberto this season. Unfortunately, Nancy has become the most despised mother in the whole series. One move she made that shocked all fans is that she wants her son to get a paternity test on one daughter. This is a new low but how Robert handles it has fans even more infuriated.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Welcomes And Disregards Nancy

Nancy does not like her son, Robert’s wife, Kristy. She feels that Kristy got pregnant quickly after meeting Robert to trap him. They then eloped which made Nancy even more infuriated. Robert and Kristy went on to have two daughters but Nancy is skeptical about Kimberly. She does not think that she looks like Robert whereas his other daughter is his clone. He tries to explain that they both look like him whereas Kristy thinks they each have a mini-me. Unfortunately, Nancy does not see it that way. At lunch between Nancy, Robert, and his brother, he is talking about what motivates him.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

He is an MMA fighter and this fight could propel him to the UFC. Robert breaks out a photo of his two daughters to show that is what propels him to be better. That is when Nancy says he should consider a paternity test for Kimberly. She struggles to believe Kristy was faithful to him but really, she just wants to find a problem with her DIL. This causes immense tension between Robert and his mother and makes his training awful. Finally, he shares with his wife the idea about the paternity test and she is beyond shocked. She is also hurt that he would even listen to his mother on this subject. If fans were mad at Nancy, they are not too thrilled with Robert after the latest episode.

Too Weak To Be A Man

According to Meaww, fans were infuriated by Robert taking Kristy out to dinner just to bring up the paternity test. Kristy knows that, even if they go through with it, Nancy will find something else. She will never be satisfied and this could ruin their marriage. Viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration, this time with Robert:

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

  • “This whole paternity test thing is so DISRESPECTFUL on so many levels!! #iloveamamasboy.”
  •  “Robert is a coward. How do you let your mom influence you to even ask that question. #iloveamamasboy.”
  • “Robert did exactly what his mom wanted. He’s an idiot. He keeps saying its his mom and Kristy, but its just his mom doing the b.s. not his wife #iloveamamasboy.”
  • “If Robert felt upset that his mom tried to insinuate that his kid isn’t his, why would he even bring that to his wife. He’s making his mom happy by hurting his wife. That’s disgusting, what a little b****. #iloveamamasboy.”

Fans kept going on about how weak and awful Robert is. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with both his family and his career. What do you think of Robert’s behavior? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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  1. He is an idiot and honestky Kristy is being dumb too. Nancy win’t stop. Kristy should do the test under the condition that regardless of the result, she will leave him.

  2. Nancy will never stop and she will never be satisfied, just like she was not satisfied with the results of the paternity test showing that Robert was clearly the father. Nancy is causing huge amounts of stress in Robert and Kristy’s marriage. Nancy wants them to divorce so she can have Robert to herself. She is selfish, evil, and crazy. Kristy mentioned that she will not live this way anymore and she shouldn’t. Robert HAS to stand up to his mother if he wants to save his marriage. I would tell him that if this situation continues, and it will – there will always be something, and if he doesn’t tell his mother to GTFO and mean it, that I will leave with the children. This is a very toxic and unhealthy situation for Robert and his family and the little girls should not be subjected to this nonsense. Nancy needs to get a life and stop trying to ruin her son’s. She needs to be squashed like the bug she is.

  3. I don’t usually comment on this sites. Nancy from I love a mamas boy is discussing. I’m not really sure how she became a mother in the first place. Maybe there is a such thing as immaculate conception. She just revolts me and I really pray she’s acting like such an ass because she is acting.

  4. Marriage means your wife comes first and your mother second. Unfortunately, Robert isn’t aware of this important spiritual rule. The first time his mother spoke badly about his wife and family, his response should have been, “stop or you will never see us again”. Period. The consequence of lack of respect and boundaries is the end of that relationship unfortunately for his mother. She is completely out of line and comes across as a bitter and angry person.

  5. I think the problem is where they live. The desert is very, very depressing!!! I lived in Hesperia and Adelanto, CA, when George Air Force base was still open. It is one of the most horrible, worst, depressed area one could ever live in. 😢 I can’t figure out why ANYONE would want to live there willingly!!! Nancy is an interfering B@TCH and Robert, be there for your wife!

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