‘Sister Wives’ Garrison Brown Showing Off His ‘Lil Babies’ Growing Up

Sister Wives star Robert Garrison Brown has always been a little gruffer than his siblings. He seemed to really thrive during his time in the military, which made his family incredibly proud.

But now that Garrison is an adult, what’s he doing in his free time? It appears that the TLC star has a new hobby and can’t wait to see his “lil babies” grow up.

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Garrison Brown shows off his green thumb

Throughout Sister Wives, viewers watched Garrison grow up before their very eyes. He was very young when the show started, but grew up and even joined the military when he graduated from high school.

But what’s occupying his time these days?

Garrison Brown/Instagram

It appears that Garrison really enjoys gardening. He shared an update on his Instagram stories revealing that his plants are starting to sprout.

Garrison Brown/Instagram

“Lil babies coming along,” he captioned the video. He also gets a little closer so his followers can see the sprouts better.

Garrison Brown/Instagram

He isn’t the only member of the Brown family to take an interest in gardening. Maddie Brown Brush and her family also enjoy spending time in the garden together.

Garrison didn’t specify what exactly he was growing, but he may post updates as time goes on. Fans and followers can’t wait to see how Garrison’s project comes along.

Now that the TLC star is an adult, he makes fewer and fewer appearances on the show. And his relationship with his father is less than stellar. Fans just really want him to be happy as he moves through life. It appears that his “lil babies” make him very happy.

Is the TLC star on better terms with Kody Brown now?

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t seem like Garrison and his father Kody connect well these days.

“[We’re] not good. Not talking,” Kody said about Garrison and his brother Gabe during one of the more recent tell-alls. “It’s like one of those relationships where we’ve gotta do a lot of work.”

However, Kody really only seems interested in maintaining his relationship with Robyn Brown and her children these days. It’s possible that the rift between Garrison and Kody may never be fully repaired.

It’s sad, but many of the Brown family’s children have really stepped away from the show and the family over time. Fans just hope that Garrison manages to keep his spirits up and focuses on his projects.

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