‘Solar Opposites’ Season 3 Trailer & Release Date Revealed

solar opposites season 3
Nick Davis

Solar Opposites is proof that creator Justin Roiland has far more in him than his smash-success Rick And Morty. The show has had two successful seasons. Is it as viral or well-known as Rick And Morty? Not quite. But the show holds its own voice while still maintaining Roiland’s unique sense of nerdy and dark humor.

With the show being one of the biggest Hulu originals right now, it’s a given that a Season 3 was on the way. And we recently got the big reveal of Season 3’s trailer and release date.

Solar Opposites Season 3

solar opposites season 3 trailer
A screenshot from the trailer for ‘Solar Opposites’ Season 3.

Hulu put the trailer out for the new season on YouTube just a few days ago. It’s mostly a showcase of some of the wacky hijinks the main characters will get up to in this new season. But there are also some teasers of the continuation of certain characters and stories from the first two seasons. It’s the type of storytelling typical in Rick And Morty that fans enjoy. A balance between an ever-expanding canon with dramatic storylines intercut with self-contained episodes that tend to harbor less serious stories and moments. It makes the show’s themes uniquely teeter between thought-provoking and audacious.

Solar Opposites is about a group of aliens who get up to any number of sci-fi misadventures while hiding away in middle America. One of the show’s criticisms is that it feels almost too similar to Rick And Morty in many ways. It has that show’s art style as well as its signature blend of gore and jejune humor combining with adult themes and pop culture references. The first two seasons have gotten loads of praise regardless of any similarities, though.

The trailer cites the release date as being July 13th, just over a couple of weeks away.

Solar Opposites has some major Hollywood talent on its cast aside from Roiland himself. Big names like Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley and Andy Daly of Review. Both of whom will be making a return in the upcoming third season.

Roiland’s On A Roll

Justin Roiland got his start as a niche internet content creator. His meteoric rise to the creator and lead voices of one of the biggest adult cartoons of all time showcases how the internet is a starting point for this new generation of artists. On top of Rick And Morty and Solar Opposites he’s also had a hand in working on shows like The Boys: Diabolical and video games like Trover Saves The Universe. It’s clear he’s one of the biggest new voices in the Hollywood writers’ rooms right now.

Solar Opposites Season 3 premieres July 13th on Hulu.

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