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Meri Brown Goes On Off Road Excursion, Living Life To Fullest?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown is still spiritually married to Kody Brown. However, he’s made it pretty clear he only has eyes for Robyn these days.

It would be a tough time for anyone, but Meri isn’t taking it all lying down. Instead of crying over Kody, she’s finding ways to fill her time and living life to the fullest.

Keep reading to see what the TLC personality is up to these days.

Meri Brown and friends take off on an epic adventure

Recently, Sister Wives fans noticed that Meri Brown is doing a lot more for herself. After faithfully staying by Kody Brown’s side for years, she’s finally gaining more independence.

She spent some time in the mountains with a dear friend. And now it seems like Meri is going on another adventure.

Meri Brown/TLC

Meri recently posted several videos on her Instagram stories. It seems that she is on a trip in the desert with many friends. Danelle Delgado posted the original videos and tagged Meri.

It appears that there are several people on the trip and they’re all having a pretty great time.

Other videos indicate that the group explored the landscape in dune buggies. Sister Wives know that Meri Brown has been pretty stressed out over the last several years. She’s probably pretty grateful to have the chance to get out and have fun.

The Brown family encountered several problems during the move to Flagstaff. But it’s really hard to beat those amazingly beautiful views.

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What’s going on behind the scenes for the TLC star?

Sister Wives are glad to see that Meri Brown is living happily these days. However, all signs indicate that she still has quite a bit on her plate. The TLC personality frequently posts cryptic messages on her Instagram story about moving on, personal growth, and so much more. Many fans appreciate the inspiring words, but can’t help but wonder what Meri is hiding.

“Let it go. Something beautiful wants to grow in its place,” she wrote recently.

Is it possible that Meri is preparing to leave Kody Brown once and for all? Fans will just have to stay tuned and see what happens when Sister Wives comes back for another season.

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