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Kim & Khloe Kardashian Feuding On The Down-Low?

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Sister rivalry isn’t a new thing, and even the Kardashian family hasn’t been spared the wrath. Kardashian fans claim that Khloe and Kim Kardashian have started indulging in a massive sister feud. The speculation came after the fans spotted a hint in the picture posted for La La Anthony’s birthday.

Mom Kris Jenner Promotes Kim Kardashian’s New Skims Sleep Set

The Kardashian mom, Kris Jenner, recently promoted Kim’s new Skims Sleep Set on IG. Not just that, the 41-year-old model also posted a collection of images as she posed in her reddish cropped tank top paired with cheeky shorts. The businesswoman flaunted her clothing line as she held some artificial butterflies in front of her shorts.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum switched to a gorgeous black ensemble before she closed off with a subtle beige set. The post came with a caption by the reality star’s mom stating that Kim just launched her latest Skims Sleep Set, available in 4 colors & sizes XXS to 4X.

Khloe Kardashian Mocks Kim’s Styling Choices

However, Khloe being the fun Kardashian as she is, poked at her sibling’s decision to go with the butterflies. She commented, asking why there were butterflies on her. The American socialite censored a section of her comment with a cat emoji and a black bar.

Khloe Kardashian YouTube

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As per The Sun, Kardashian fans were quick to react to this comment. They claimed that the Kardashian sisters were allegedly trolling one another. One fan deduced that Khloe is fed up with her sister. Another added that Kim is now in allegiance with her mother and asked Khloe to stay away from her.

A 3rd fan stated that Khloe is simply trying to make her sister self-conscious. A fourth fan wrote that Khloe loves to troll, and she is just asking what the fans were thinking.

Did Kim Strategically Snub Sister Khloe?

Lately, Kardashian fans have been spotting clues all around confirming that the Kardashian sisters are at each other’s throats. A fan stated that Kim had constantly been throwing shade at her sister. The reality star and her sister posted a birthday tribute for the actress La La Anthony on her birthday.

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The former MTV show host is also a close friend of Kim’s. Although the sisters posted a series of sweet pictures with their bestie, they seem to have snubbed each other on their IG stories. Without referencing her sister, Kim described the birthday girl as the craziest, most loyal friend on Earth.

A Reddit user pointed out how Khloe has carefully been kept off from the pictures.

Khloe Complains Of Skims Inaccurately Designed Bodysuit

Tensions started between the reality sisters on the premiere episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians. In the episode, Khloe mentioned her sister’s bodysuits that were inaccurately designed for people with bigger nether regions like hers.

Giving the audience an idea of a brimming rivalry, Khloe kept complaining in a restaurant jam-packed with guests.

What do you feel? Do the Kardashian sisters really have an ongoing rivalry? Let us know in the comments!

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