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Janelle Brown Shares Captivating Photo As Summer Monsoons Roll In

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Many reality TV stars are enjoying the summer months and warmer weather. Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is among them.

The mother of six often posts on social media about how much she enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors. And now, Janelle decided to share a beautiful photo of storms rolling in over Flagstaff.

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Janelle Brown takes some time to truly appreciate nature

After 16 seasons of Sister Wives, the polygamist lifestyle the Browns once championed is really breaking down. Nowadays, patriarch Kody Brown only seems interested in his fourth wife, Robyn. Christine left the family. Meanwhile, Janelle and Meri are often left to their own devices.

Janelle may not have much of a marriage these days, but she’s still enjoying time with her kids. And on top of that, she’s a very successful businesswoman and is making time for her own personal pursuits too.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

She already likes to hike and travel — is photography her latest hobby?

Janelle uploaded a photo featuring the rains starting to move into the mountains. She admits that the lighting could be better, but fans agree that it’s not a bad image.

“Our summer monsoons have begun,” the TLC personality captioned her Instagram photo. “And even though the light isn’t good in this photo it shows the mountain starting to be a little greener already. It seems like everything breathes a collective sigh of relief when the rains finally start.”

Janelle Brown/Instagram

In the comments, Janelle revealed that the location of the photo is Flagstaff, Arizona. The wildfires in this part of the country have been particularly dangerous, so hopefully the rain will provide some control over the flames.

The Sister Wives star explores passions outside of the home

Most Sister Wives fans agree that Janelle Brown seems very content with her newfound sense of independence. For years, she raised her children alongside her sister-wives. And now, they all appear to be going their separate ways.

Some fans online think that Janelle was never crazy about the idea of a big family. Onscreen, Janelle is always talking about ways to further her career and how much she enjoys working. Did she opt to be a working parent to take time away from the chaos of the Brown household?

“[Janelle] is/ was never career-oriented, she just didn’t want to be at home taking care of her or any other the other kids or doing housework. Working was an escape,” one Reddit user argued in a recent thread.

They went on to say that in the early seasons, Janelle seemed to build her entire schedule around getting out of the house. However, no one really seemed to question it. This take really resonated with other users and they seemed to agree with the points.

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