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Did Josh Duggar Transfer To FCI Forrest City Medium?

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19 Kids & Counting alum Josh Duggar is to start his 12-year federal prison sentence handed down by Judge Timothy L. Brooks. On Friday, the 34-year-old was transferred from the Washington County Detention Center to an unknown location. The convicted felon remained at the center since December.

As per speculations, the ex-TLC TV personality is at the FCI Forrest City Medium. Is he?

Josh Duggar’s Attorneys To Appeal The Verdict

Josh was found guilty by the Arkansas federal jury on charges of receipt & possession of child pornography. Following the guilty verdict, his attorneys released an official statement stating that they intend to appeal the verdict.

Josh Duggar Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

But where is Josh currently? Is he at the FCI as speculated or somewhere else? The actual whereabouts of the former reality star are unknown. However, an IG account cleared up the confusion stating that the reality star Josh Duggar isn’t at the FCI Forrest City Medium.

The said Instagram account that goes by the name ‘withoutacrystalball’ shared a screenshot of details of two registered convicts, one of whom was Josh Duggar. The said screenshot showed two different individuals with almost similar names. This could have been the cause of confusion.

Instagram User Clears Up The Confusion Of Duggar’s Whereabouts

While the reality star goes by the name Joshua James Duggar, the one at the FCI prison is Joshua A Dugger. The user posted that people are sending them screenshots stating that Josh Duggar is at the Forrest City Prison. @withoutacrystalball cleared the air by stating that the one in the Forrest City prison isn’t TLC alum Josh Duggar but someone else with a similar name.

The reality star is 34-year-old and not yet in a facility. The one in the FCI prison is Joshua A Duggar, convicted of gun and drug charges.

Josh Duggar Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A user commented on the post, exclaiming that it is crazy that there are two people with a similar name in the federal prison. Another explained that she works at a government agency, and it is a known fact that the agency won’t post where the convict is for a minimum of one month or even longer.

She further explained that the prisoners are initially taken to a processing facility & then sent to the final location. A third user joked about the confusion. The user stated that Joshua A Dugger probably did drugs because of the perverted person he was confused with.

Josh Duggar Accused Of Assault By Pornographic Actress

Apart from child pornography possession charges, the ex-reality personality also came under the radar for assault allegations. In November 2015, Danica Dillon, a pornographic actress, filed a lawsuit against Josh Duggar, claiming that the alleged assaulted her, causing emotional and physical injuries. This happened during they indulged in consensual s*x in a strip club in Philadelphia. Dillon sought $500,000 in damages from the father of 7.

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