Anna Duggar Makes A Long-Overdue Life Change

Former 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On star Anna Duggar has made a long-overdue life change. She’s altered something that’s needed to happen for a little while now. So, what is it?

A lot has happened for Anna in the past year. Last spring, her husband, Josh was arrested on child pornography charges. Throughout 2021, he went to trial and was convicted.

Now, Josh has been sentenced to 151 months (12.5 years) behind bars. Amid all of this, Anna Duggar gave birth to her seventh child, Madyson, in October.

Anna and Josh Duggar YouTube
Anna and Josh Duggar YouTube

Anna Duggar finally makes a change.

Over the weekend, Anna finally decided it was time for a change. The TLC star updated her Twitter and Instagram profiles now that her life has changed in several ways.

The screenshot below is from her Twitter profile as of April 2022. In her bio, she said that she has “6 wonderful children.” Fans have noticed this for months, yet she has never made the change.

For a while, she was staying silent on social media, so that likely explained it. But she has hopped online here and there and never thought to add Madyson to the count.

It might seem like a small detail, but fans thought she was failing to acknowledge one of her kids. Her daughter will be one year old in October, so it’s a fairly long time to go without updating her profiles with the correct number of kids.

Anna Duggar Twitter
Anna Duggar Twitter

The next screenshot is from her Twitter profile on Sunday, June 26. It now says she has “7 wonderful children.”

Anna Duggar Twitter
Anna Duggar Twitter

She also made the same adjustment on her Instagram page, as you can see below. It states that she’s “happily married and have 7 beautiful children!”

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

The former TLC star seemingly proves she’s still in love with Josh.

Also in her bio, she included that she’s “happily married.” Because she went into her settings to add Madyson to the total of kids, she had the opportunity to make changes to the part about her being married. But she went ahead and left it. So, that seems like pretty good proof that she’s not leaving Josh.

Of course, things could change throughout the next 12 years while he does his time behind bars. But for now, she’s not afraid to admit that she’s still “happily married.” 

So, does it surprise you that Anna Duggar finally made this change? Did you notice her bio still said she had six kids for the longest time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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  1. I want give you advice dirovce Josh
    Duggar he doing 12 years move on with your life and find some one care for you my ex husband beats me close to killing me and I dirovce him then Ire marriage military man but he passed away 2019 and I have another man I getting remarried again my kids wanted mom remarried again

  2. I think its gross she named her last child Madyson since her husband had a paid account on that Ashley Madison dating service which was suppose to be a “secret” site spotted him back in August 19th 2015!!!

  3. Will Josh Duggar be allowed around his own children. Doesn’t seem like he should be after what he was convicted of.

    1. He will not be allowed to be alone with them. Several of the children will be adults when he gets out.

  4. How can someone stay married and keep having children with a man that is a child molester. I don’t get it are you not worried about the safety of your own children that’s .essed up you would put him before them

  5. They say love is blind no one ever tells you it’s deaf and stupid too. What God wants a a man to molest children and also have a woman stand by him with his children. What is she going to tell those children God made him do it and he forgives him or Satan made him do it and we have to stand by him.

  6. I respect Anna’s decision to stick with Josh. She is a committed Christian and keeps her vows. She is a great mother as well. Support her, stop slamming her. She did not commit the crimes, and she did not support the crimes. Her heart has been broken enough. Pray for her and the children, and for Josh as well. Pray that he have a rebirth of soul and heart and emerge a much better man.

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