Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s Boyfriend Dralin Says “F**k The Law”?

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Josh Efird is not going to be happy with Alana Thompson’s boyfriend this week. Though Dralin Carswell has presented himself as a gentleman, it may be a facade. His recent, and only, Instagram posting is both offputting and inappropriate. Now the big question is: how will Pumpkin and Josh react?

Alana Thompson Grows Up- With A New Man

No one is ready for Alana aka Honey Boo Boo to grow up. But the fact of the matter is that she is on the verge of seventeen. Yet, on Mama June: Road to Redemption, she just celebrated her sweet sixteen. With that came a whole new world of opportunities. She was excited to start driving but mostly, she could not wait to go on a date. Prior to her birthday, she had met a boy named Dralin. Actually, he was a man as he was already twenty. They met through friends and had been chatting constantly on the phone. Since her big sister Pumpkin was her mother figure, she wanted to know his intentions. Therefore, she got his number from Alana’s phone when the teen accidentally left it on the counter. Pumpkin called him and set up a meeting.

Alana Thompson/YouTube

She felt he was decent enough and due to the pandemic, Alana could not have her dream sweet sixteen. So, she surprised her little sister with Dralin at her party. He brought a necklace and flowers which was super sweet. However, Pumpkin’s husband Josh felt a fatherly allegiance to Alana. He went to speak to Dralin and read him the riot act and as long as he treated her well, there would be no problems. Covid ran rampant through the Efird home so Alana had to quarantine. Sadly, her first date had to be delayed but she talked to Dralin every day. Previews show them going on a first date and it is super sweet. That is what it seems.

Red Flag

So far, everyone loves Dralin. In a TikTok live, Alana Thompson’s aunt Doe Doe and her sister Anna spoke very highly of him. At this point, the duo has been together for over a year. The only real issue Mama June has with him is that she wishes he was more stable with employment. On the show, he appears to be truly smitten with the former pageant tot which is really sweet. She deserves someone to just love her for her especially after all that she has been through. Unfortunately, this dream could be shattered with just one post. Earlier today, Dralin took to Instagram with an inappropriate message.

Alana Thompson/Dralin/Instagram


He did not go on to explain why he shared this or even felt the need to say something like “F**k The Law” but he did. More so, this is officially his legitimate account despite only having one post. Both Alana and Pumpkin’s verified accounts follow this one. For someone who is now a public figure, he has to think before he posts. June already said that Alana felt the need to delete photos of her with Dralin after internet backlash. Let’s see how and if he attempts to justify what is written.

What do you think of Dralin after seeing this? Let us know and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.


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