‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Season 4: Cast And Date Revealed

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Renowned MTV franchise Teen Mom is all set to enter its 4th season. The show follows the rollercoaster ride of teenage mothers. The franchise’s show Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant debuted in 2018 and is coming back with a fresh vibe on parenting.

MTV Airs Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Sneak Peek

As seen in the sneak peek of the show by MTV, fans will see all new stars coming together for the very first time. Apart from the atypical Teen Mom spectacle, the season also involves the girls meeting up in person in LA. Throughout the series, the teens will learn the best ways to lean on one another. They will also learn the best ways to deal with the struggles of being a teen mother.

The MTV show’s Season 4 is set to premiere on June 28. But, now that we have the premiere dates, who is in the cast?

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast include:

Brianna Jaramillo

Brianna YouTube

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22-year-old Brianna was the youngest among the teenage moms in the first season. Since the show aired on MTV, she has become a fan favorite. Her son Braeson was born without one arm.

Kiaya Elliott

Kiaya YouTube

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Mother to Amour, Kiaya could be the center of attention in the upcoming season. Between a rocky relationship with her girlfriend Taezha and her baby daddy now out of jail, the young mom is all set to experience high-tension situations throughout the season.

Rachel Beaver

Rachel YouTube

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Even since Rachel joined Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant for its 2nd season, the teenager became a known face among fans. Her relationship with her baby daddy and her family is always the talk of the town, given their confusion in setting up boundaries.

Mother to Hazelee, the teen mom moved in with boyfriend Noah & his mother, leading to an increase in traction in the family.

Kayla Sessler

Kayla YouTube

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Kayla is popular among Teen Mom fans, given her bumpy relationship with ex-Stephan. Mother of Ariah and Izaiah, the star has now started dating Luke Davis III.

Madisen Beith

Madisen YouTube

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Mother to Camille, Madisen became a part of the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant series during its third season.

Where Can You Watch Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant?

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, is available for fans to watch live on Tuesdays on MTV. As per The Sun, the show is set to premiere on June 28 at 9 pm EST. Show enthusiasts can also stream the TV show via Hulu+ Live TV as well as MTV’s website.

The show, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, isn’t just about the drama that happens in these moms’ lives. After it started airing in 2009, the show garnered accolades as it bought attention to the teenage pregnancy issue. The series was even mentioned for its help in lowering the teen birth rates by a whopping 46% since it premiered on MTV.

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