‘Love Island’ Why Are Fans Appalled Over Tasha & Andrew S*x Scenes?

Love Island: Why Are Fans Are Appalled Over Tasha & Andrew's Sex Scene? [iTV2]

Love Island fans are appalled over Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page’s hook-up scenes. The couple ended up getting freaky between the sheets. The dating series returned earlier this month and it’s already steamier than last season. Producers promised that there would be a return to the on-screen romp sessions.

Some fans were excited about it because that’s what the show makes it so real. There were other fans who wanted the producers to take the sexy scenes back. In the latest episode of the reality series, Tasha and Andrew hooked up while their fellow islanders slept in the same room.

Love Island: Tasha & Andrew Get Busy [iTV2]]

Love Island fans are regretting their decision

Andrew and Tasha were coupled up since the viewers voted for them to be together from the start. However, Love Island viewers are regretting their decision. In a recent episode, the two consummated their relationship in the same bedroom where everyone else was asleep. Viewers get to hear the couple hook up in between the sheets.

Andrew explicitly told Tasha, “Do you like it like that?” For some reason, the cameras cut over to the teddy bear named “Flat Ted.” Love Island fans were freaked out over watching a teddy while hearing the couple get busy. Most of them stormed to Twitter to make it stop even though they didn’t wield that kind of power.


Love Island Tasha Ghouri [iTV2]
While Tasha and Andrew got busy, another couple was hooking up underneath the sheets. Jacques O’Neill and Paige Thorne were kissing in a nearby bed. Some of the pairs were feeling frisky that night. However, it was Andrew and Tasha who freaked out the fans most of all.

They suddenly didn’t want the details of their romp. Others wished they didn’t hear Andrew’s dirty talk. Things turned awkward for the couple the following day. Some of the boys wanted to about Andrew’s night with Tasha.

Andrew and Tasha’s hook-up wasn’t that good?

Andrew spoke to his fellow Love Islanders about his night with Tasha. He said with a coy smile that he “gave her some treatment.” He wouldn’t get into details. Some of the fans commented on that scene.

“Lol the whole entire salon went down in andrew & tasha’s bed,” one fan joked.

They were referring to the code the Love Islanders use to describe their steamy romps. Apparently, Tasha wasn’t too impressed with Andrew. She ended up going on a date with the new boy Charlie Radnedge. The two ended up in the hot tub together.

The charming 28-year-old chose Tasha and Ekin-Su as the girls he wanted to get to know better on the balcony of the infamous Hideaway. Some fans joked about whether Tasha was really into Andrew since she willingly went on a date with Charlie.

Love Island Andrew Le Page [iTV2]
“Damn, well Andrew I guess Tasha didn’t like it like THAT,” one Love Island fan joked.

“As if Tasha is fondling with Andrew in bed one night and debating getting to know the new boy the next morning,” another added.

Are you watching the new season of Love Island UK? What are your thoughts? Do you like watching the steamy bed sessions? Sound off below in the comment section.

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