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Fans Tell Kim Kardashian To Stop Exploiting Kids Over North’s Latest Antic

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Reality star Kim Kardashian was recently dissed by fans for slacking off on her parenting. This comes after the American socialite allowed North West, her daughter, to put on heaps of her new SKNN cream on her face. What initially seemed to be a cute mother-daughter moment didn’t go down well with the Kardashian fans.

North West Lathers SKNN Cream On Face For TikTok Video

The 41-year-old recently announced her latest beauty lineup, SKNN, which features 9-step products. The lineup includes an exfoliator, cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, & more. The complete skincare regimen has been priced at $630, which is a bit steep, as per fans, when compared to her sister Kylie’s skincare products.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In the said clip, North was seen posing before the camera as she lathered her face with the SKNN cream. It wasn’t just North who took up the camera space but also Kim who assisted her daughter during the complete skincare process. As per The Sun, she handed the nine-year-old a towel to clean to pat dry the face.

North also smiled at the camera & held up a product from the lineup for the viewers to see.

Fans Dub Kim Kardashian An Irresponsible Parent

However, fans slammed the reality star’s parenting skills and jumped to the comments segment to argue about how harmful the skincare cream could be for young North’s face. A critic stated that the child’s skin would surely break out badly due to the cream. They also said that Kim should stop exploiting her child for brand promotion.

Another user mentioned that a 9-year-old should never be slapping skincare products on her skin. It would destroy the skin barrier due to vitamin C serums and heavy exfoliation. The user also added that this is something she did at a young age herself and ended up with severe rosacea by the age of 19.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A third fan mentioned that kids shouldn’t worry about their skin aging at 9. A fourth critic weighed in, stating that teaching North that she needs nine products for her skin at such young age is an example of horrible parenting. The only skincare product they need at this age is sunscreen.

Another commentator added that the video could have been a cute one where the mother-daughter duo played around with the skincare products. However, this looks like nothing but a promo for SKNN.

North West Flaunts A Silver Dress At SKNN Launch Dinner

North and Kim have also promoted SKNN previously. The reality star took her firstborn to the product’s launch dinner. The business mogul shared her dinner experience over social media as she flaunted a pulled-back blonde hairstyle into a ponytail.

Kim wore a gorgeous white dress while North donned a silvery dress and matching glasses. Looking at the camera, Kim pouted her lips and said that her fly girl was wearing silver tonight for the SKNN dinner.

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