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Kim Kardashian Puckering For Camera As Saint Is Fearful?

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Looks like the saga of Kim Kardashian being bashed for bad parenting isn’t ending anytime soon! The reality star recently went to New York on a trip to a high fairground ride with her son Saint. However, fans quickly caught up on how scared the 6-year-old looked while sitting on the ride.

Kim Kardashian Films Terrified Son On A High Fairground Ride

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum filmed her son looking tearful and worried at the ride in the American Dream Mall located in Jersey. Seeing that her son was worried, the reality star asked her son if he was worried. She went on to reassure him, stating that they got this.

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It seemed that Saint was on the verge of crying. The fairground attendant instructed the riders to put their arms up, and the young one followed suit but looked terrified at the same time. Kim continued filming as the ride started with their legs dangling around in the air.

Fans Slam Kim On Poor Parenting Choices

Although the SKNN founder intended the ride to be a happy-go-lucky experience, Kardashian fans swooped in to slam the model for letting her son go on the ride even as he was scared. A fan shared the video of Saint’s worried face on his IG account, exclaiming, ‘No Poor Saint!’

Another chimed in, stating that it seems that he doesn’t like being on the ride. Earlier in the week, Kim rode to New York with Saint & Psalm in a bid to promote her latest skincare line SKNN. However, fans criticized the reality star for allowing the kids to ride in the car minus the seatbelt. Ahead of her show at Jimmy Fallon’s show, the media personality shared an IG live from within the car with her kids.

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As Live started, the reality star asked her sons to get inside the frame. It looked like the car they were in was in motion. However, her son, Saint, didn’t have his seatbelt on. Moreover, the toddler Psalm wasn’t in his car seat.

As per The Sun, this short video made it to Reddit, where the mom was slammed by the users. One Reddit user wrote that no one should ever overlook car safety basics. He also stated that Psalm should be in his car seat while Saint should be in the booster seat.

Kanye Doesn’t Want her Daughter Wearing Lipstick On TikTok

The Reddit users didn’t mean to slam the mom but rather wanted the kids to be safe. Kim Kardashian shares four beautiful children with ex-Kanye West. The rapper has always been critical about the way the reality star parents the kids.

Kanye West YouTube

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Earlier this year, the 45-year-old slammed Kim for allowing North to wear makeup and make videos on TikTok. He mentioned that Kim shouldn’t let her daughter wear lipstick on TikTok. He further added that without his permission, the American socialite should refrain from allowing her daughter to be a part of TikTok at all.

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