Fans Say Kim Kardashian’s Kids Out Of Control, Expert Weighs In

Kim Kardashian is yet again under scrutiny by fans for allowing her kids to behave badly. While out to New York on a work-related trip, the reality star was accompanied by her sons Psalm and Saint. The model is mom to Saint, North West, Chicago, & Psalm with ex-husband Kanye West.

Saint West Calls The IG Viewers ‘Weirdos’

As the family drove to the Tonight Show studios, Kim started an Instagram Live where her son Saint responded offensively, which caught the fan’s attention. Looking at the camera, the 6-year-old shouted and addressed the viewers as weirdos. He also added that he hates the IG viewers that joined live.

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Not just that, the bad behavior saga didn’t end as Kim interacted with Jimmy Fallon during the interview. Her sons Psalm and Saint, who sat in the audience area with a friend of Kim, caused an interruption as the interview was being filmed.

Seeing this, Kim asked the kids to stop, reminding them that she was at work. However, fans criticized Kim for her poor parenting skills. Several stated that the reality star should have better control over her kids & the way they behave. As per The Sun, they also claimed that the kids are spoiled and don’t have any manners.

Experts Weigh In On Kim Kardashian’s Kid’s Behavior

So, why does this happen? Why have Kim’s kids strayed in this obvious way? Experts weighed in, and here is what Kirsty Ketley, a parenting consultant at Auntie K’s Childcare in Surrey, UK, had to say. As per the expert, Kim chooses to opt for the Koala parenting method. This parenting style promotes close attachment between the children and parents.

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[Source: YouTube]

The supporters of this parenting pattern believe that it is a great way for kids to feel secure & be independent as they get old. This might explain why the kids didn’t want to be away from their mother during the interview.

Kim Kardashian Should Practice Authority Over Children

Ketley also stated that the obnoxious behavior might have been a result of children having issues dealing with strangers. It could also mean that the kids have a difficult time dealing with authority, and they feel insecure or anxious. However, it is important to keep in mind that the parenting style doesn’t excuse this obnoxious behavior.

If the child behaves irresponsibly occasionally or always, it is the parent’s duty to teach them the right ways by establishing boundaries. Ketley also added that the reality star needs to challenge the kid’s inappropriate behavior.

Kim was likely embarrassed by her children’s behavior, and nobody likes watching their kids being obnoxious, especially in public. Most kids tend to show this behavioral trait at some point in life. However, it is the parent’s duty to keep the behavior in check.

Expert suggests that the reality star should teach her kids empathy. This will help them understand how their behavior impacts others.

Do you think Kim’s kids are out of control? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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